The world is becoming more aware of the impact of human activities on the environment, and car emissions are at the top of everyone’s list. Therefore, many governments and organizations have adopted policies to reduce the emission of harmful substances such as carbon dioxide from automobiles.This EU Vehicle Emission Regulations They are one of the policies whose main goal is to reduce automobile pollutants in the atmosphere.

This Euro regulations For vehicles, determine the amount of CO2, NOx, HC and NMHC that a moving car can emit. They are suitable for all vehicles on the roads of the EU and Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. There are currently 6 vehicle emission standards in Europe. Vehicle emission standards depend on the type of engine and its capacity. Emission standards for cars are determined at the time of manufacture.

The European Commission has the power to Revised emission standards From time to time based on new research and developments. Emissions standards will also be changed if necessary due to the number of cars on the road that need to be replaced.

How do I know which Euro regulations my car complies with

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European vehicle emissions regulations apply to all types of vehicles, including electric and hybrid vehicles. Emission standards also apply to trucks and other heavy vehicles.However, it should be noted that these criteria fall into many different categories and should be know where One of them is the European regulations to which a particular vehicle or vehicle complies. To do this, we’ll look at the existing types and the traits implicit in them…

Euro 7 Regulation

Euro 7 regulations are not yet in force.Originally scheduled to go into effect in 2020, but now appears to have Planned for 2025.

Euro 6 regulation

Euro 6 regulation covers all vehicles September 2014.

Euro 5 standard

As far as Euro 5 regulation is concerned, it is September 2009.

Euro 4 standard

since January 2005 They are Euro 4 compliant.

Euro 3 standard

Euro 3 regulation on January 2000.

Euro 2 standard

January 1996 is the start date of the Euro 2 regulation.

Euro 1 standard

at last, July 1992 This is the moment when the Euro 1 regulation kicks in.