The European Commission imposed a fine of 875 million euros on BMW and Volkswagen on the grounds that they had colluded to prevent the deployment of clean emission technologies and violated EU antitrust rules.

The committee said in a statement on Thursday that Daimler was also part of the cartel because the German automaker revealed the existence of the organization and was not fined.

The EU executive agency stated that all companies including Audi and Porsche, which are owned by the Volkswagen Group, have admitted to participating in the cartel and agreed to settle the case.

“Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, five automakers have technologies to reduce harmful emissions, and their emissions exceed the legal requirements of EU emission standards.” Said Margrethe Vestager.

“So today’s decision is about what went wrong with legal technical cooperation,” she said. “When companies collude, we will not tolerate it. According to EU antitrust rules, this is illegal.”

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