Automakers want Congress to consider EV tax credits again. Dynamic wireless charging is tested. Tesla’s world leadership in electric vehicles is still a year or two away.this and more, here Green Car Report.

Four automakers — General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Stellantis — have written to Senate and House leadership asking for renewed efforts to reform the electric vehicle tax credit. This time around, automakers want to see the cap lifted, with sunsets for all automakers applying at the same time; it’s also worth noting that this marks a coalition of interests that, under previous proposals, were split over union-labor credit bonuses .

In a pilot project, Stellantis is testing a Fiat 500 electric car that can cover highway speeds without using battery charging if it runs on a special test track equipped with wireless dynamic charging. The automaker plans to use the technology to test a variety of vehicles, including an upcoming Maserati electric car and an electric bus.

Tesla is set to become the world’s largest electric vehicle maker for at least the next 18 months, judging by the success of global automakers in the electric vehicle market over the next few years, according to a report released today by Bloomberg Intelligence. Then Bloomberg saw that Volkswagen, along with Audi and its other brands, took the number one spot.


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