Everrati in the United Kingdom and Superformance in the United States are teaming up to create an all-electric continuation of the iconic GT40 race car. Everrati is Porsche 911 (964), Land Rover IIA series and Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda will take the lead in power systems, with the body provided by Superformance.

An authorized copy of Superformance may be reminiscent of America challenging the best image Italy in Le Mans, But this is also a transatlantic effort; the original bodywork was built in Coventry.The roles may be reversed, but the idea of ​​pairing is as old as dethroning Enzo Ferrari.

The two said in a statement: “Everrati and Superformance’s partnership will allow enthusiasts to drive an electric GT40, and the development of this first model is already in progress.” “Everrati is located in the former U.S. Air Force in the Cotswolds, UK. The British development center in Upper Heyford has built a prototype chassis and is undergoing a comprehensive transformation from ICE power to an advanced electric propulsion system.”

Neither provides any details about the GT40’s potential power system or its final performance, but Superformance almost always leaves these things to the end customer, letting them choose its licensed copy from the existing old and modern power systems. Electric GT40 may not have so many options, but we sincerely doubt it will be a universal setting. stay tuned.

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