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If your car is often exposed to the sun, no matter how well you maintain it, you will most likely notice some degradation of the plastic trim over time. Cleaning and restoring this decoration can be annoying, but with a little knowledge and the right tools, you can make it look new again.Video function above ammoniaLarry Kosilla of Larry Kosilla steps through the process of properly cleaning and repairing exteriors, resolving common mistakes and detailing exactly what is required to execute the project from start to finish. We have listed below all of the items you may need. Always remember that every vehicle is different, which means that the process may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Mothers Premium Cashmere Car Wash Gloves-$14.99

This will be used to thoroughly clean the plastic trim to remove any loose debris before proceeding. Cashmere gloves can take dirt away from the surface of the vehicle instead of dragging it across, thereby minimizing the scratches that may be caused by using standard sponges or rags. Remember, even if this glove is made for soaking, you always want to air dry this product.

CarGuys Super Cleaner-$16.99 on

This multi-purpose cleaner is suitable for all interior and exterior surfaces of the vehicle, except for glass or dashboard screens. This is an excellent choice for removing any wax residue left on the decoration, it is even mixed and bottled in the US!

Amazer Hard-bristled Heavy Duty Brush (2 Pack)-$8.49

A rough-bristled brush is needed after the cleaning spray to help remove the more stubborn wax residue on the decorative parts. These brushes have an ergonomic and comfortable grip and hard and durable bristles to help you do this.exist 2 Less than 10 dollars, if you don’t have these in your home, they are a good deal.

SIN SHINE Compressed Air 3.0 Multi-Purpose Electric Dust Collector-$51.59

Before entering the restoration part of this project, you need to make sure that your trim is 100% dry to ensure the proper effectiveness of the dye. Using compressed air or an electric air dust collector like this is a good way to ensure that your surface area is not wet. This air dust collector has a wind speed of 67.5 miles per hour, a power cord is 10 feet long, and weighs only 1.9 pounds.

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 12″x16″ (Pack of 24)-$12.53

Of course, if you want to do any work in the car or in the garage, it is best to prepare a few microfiber towels. In this case, you can use a towel to help ensure that your decorations are completely dry. These Amazon Basics microfiber towels are always excellent value for money.

ScotchBlue Original Multi-sided Painter’s Tape, 3 rolls-$11.49

Before dyeing the trim, you must use some kind of masking tape to protect the area around the plastic. If you need to pick up a new roll of tape for this purpose, this is as good as any tape.

Industrial black nitrile gloves, a box of 100-29.99 USD

It is definitely a good idea to prepare some disposable gloves for this project, because you will be using dyes. There is nothing special you should look for here, gloves are just to keep your hands clean. If you need a new box, this is a good choice.

Forever Black bumper and trim kit-$16.99

Last but not least, this Forever Black trim dye includes not only the dye and cleaning fluid you need, but also a disposable foam brush for application. The dye should be applied to all textured plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces.

Video description:

Know your enemy

The most common form of plastic degradation or discoloration is caused by ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays will destroy the polymer bonds in the plastic, causing its flexibility to slowly decrease. colour Reserve.

First, clean the plastic to remove any loose debris and road dirt. Next, spray a lot of general cleaners on the plastic to remove any remaining oil, which will prevent the dye from sticking. Let the cleaner sit for two to three minutes. Then scrub the plastic with a stiff brush. Use circular motions with moderate downward pressure. If you are unwilling to remove the remaining wax residue, you may need to repeat this process several times.

Rinse and dry

Then, rinse the area thoroughly and blow dry with compressed air or a vacuum cleaner. The plastic must be 100% dry to allow the dye to penetrate the pores of the trim. Next, tape the surrounding area with masking tape to avoid cleaning up splashes or dripping stains later.

Apply dye

Put on gloves and make sure that the lid is tightened, shake the dye bottle for 20 seconds to keep the color mixture consistent. Without direct sunlight, put a few drops on the disposable foam brush at a time. Wipe with overlapping cross-hatch movements to ensure uniform coverage in every direction. Then let the dye dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

Recoat and dry

Before that, avoid dampness or excessive wiping, and add a second layer by repeating the same process. When finished, remove the masking tape and discard the paintbrush. Depending on the degree of damage at the first installation and the amount of ultraviolet radiation that the vehicle is regularly exposed to, this process can be performed once or twice a year.

Remember, once your trim starts to fade, the chemical decomposition process within the plastic has already begun and cannot be reversed, just like hair turns white with age. The only remedy is to maintain the plastic regularly.

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