In addition, the brand removed some thickeners from the original formula, making it lighter in texture and making it vegan. However, the main difference is that this serum is intended to be mixed by its users. You may be imagining a complicated process involving various liquids in small glass bottles, but I guarantee that it is not difficult or inconvenient at all.

Each C-Firma Fresh serum contains two components: a small plastic tube filled with a liquid base and a rectangular pump bottle filled with powdered active ingredients. Grab the latter and pull its bright orange top to get the powder, you can pour the liquid base directly into it. Shake it, shake it, and you get a fresh blend of brightening essence. You only need to do this once.

Why is it important that formulas are mixed at home rather than in a manufacturing center? good question. It all boils down to the active ingredients that work. I will let Masterson explain the rest. “The disadvantage is that ascorbic acid has a shorter shelf life than other active substances-from the first use, its shelf life is about six months before it starts to lose its effectiveness,” she said. “By separating the liquid serum phase from vitamin C, users can determine the’activation’ time of their C-Firma Fresh, which is the moment when they mix the two together.”

In other words, you never have to question the exact shelf life of this serum; it is completely under your control. “It seems that Drunk Elephant is providing vitamin C in a way that helps maintain stability, allowing consumers to activate it when they are ready to use it,” confirmed cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson. “Once it is activated, the oxidation clock will start and consumers will be prompted to finish using their activation dose before oxidation.”

Once you decide to “activate” your C-Firma, you will know that you have six months to use it. More importantly, as Masterson added, you can buy multiple bottles at once and keep them in stock, unmixed, for up to three years without worrying about expiration.

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