Tokyo-this year’s Japanese Grand prize Formula One organizers said on Wednesday that they would cancel after discussions between the government and the promoters of the event.

The Suzuka match was originally scheduled for October 10th between Turkey and the United States.

“Due to the continuing complexity of the pandemic in the country, the Japanese government has decided to cancel the competition this season,” F1 Said in a statement. “Formula 1 is now studying the revised schedule details and will announce the final details in the next few weeks.”

After the cancellation of the Australian and Singapore Grand Prix and the indefinite postponement of the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, this decision has another impact on the schedule of F1 Asian events this season.

The cancellation and postponement of matches at the start of the pandemic last year meant that the 2020 season did not start until July and was compressed to a 17-match schedule until December.

F1 said in a statement: “Formula 1 has proven this year and 2020 that we can adapt and find solutions to the ongoing uncertainty, and we are excited about the level of interest in venues for Formula 1 events this year and beyond.”

Most of the series this season will be staged in Europe and the Middle East, and the organizers initially planned to play 23 games.

The 11th race took place last weekend, when French driver Esteban Ocon was ahead of the chaotic Hungarian Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton.

The Japanese government promoted the Tokyo Olympics. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Tokyo Olympics was postponed for one year.

Within 17 days of the Olympics, which ended on August 8, the number of new infections in Tokyo tripled, although medical experts said the surge was not directly related to the Olympics.

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