Los Angeles-the only thing stronger than family? “F9”, the latest piece of Universal Pictures’ “Fast and Furious” legend, premiered at the box office.

After a year and a half of multiple delays, “F9” opened from 4,179 venues in North America, with a box office of 70 million US dollars. This is the biggest beginning of the US movie box office since the emergence of COVID-19.

The big screen pays tribute to heavy men, fast cars, and anti-gravity stunts, and provides some much-needed impetus to the movie theater business. As audiences begin to feel comfortable returning to the local multi-hall theaters, the movie theater business has struggled to rebound. “F9” is the latest blockbuster to set a new box office benchmark for the COVID era. Before this weekend, Paramount’s “Quiet Place Part Two” held the opening weekend of the pandemic era with $48.3 million in first ticket sales.

“F9” is not expected to reach the peak of the premiere weekend of its franchise predecessors, because the attendance rate has not yet returned to the level before the COVID, and the Canadian box office, which accounts for a portion of North American revenue, is still almost completely closed. In terms of the launch of the “Fast” series, “F9” has a slight advantage over the 2019 spin-off series “Hobbs & Shaw”, which generated US$60 million and closed with a box office of US$173 million in the United States and US$759 million in the world. The last movie in the core series was “Raging Destiny” in 2017. The film’s premiere box office was US$98 million, and it finally won US$226 million and US$1.2 billion in box office in North America and the world. Entries in 2015 “Fury 7“Marked a new high for franchising. In the first three days of its release, it generated a huge revenue of 147.2 million U.S. dollars. The domestic and global box office revenues reached 353 million U.S. dollars and 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, respectively.

David A. Gross, who runs the film consulting company Franchise Entertainment Research, said that the first weekend of “F9” was “a great opening in an extraordinary series.”

“In the past month, watching movies showed real power, including this weekend and “A Quiet Place” 2“But it has always been tentative,” Gross said. “F9 and Silent Place 2 are the clearest interpretations that companies can do now—both powerful episodes and pure Drama release/no streaming. “

Gross refers to Disney’s “Cruella” and “Raya and the Last Dragon”, as well as recent Warner Bros. works, such as “Honor: The Devil Let Me Do It” and “Godzilla vs. King Kong.” These movies have been making great strides in the box office charts, but their box office has an asterisk because they can also be watched on streaming platforms. Or, options such as “A Quiet Place Part Two” and “F9” benefit from the fact that moviegoers can only watch it in theaters. After 45 days of playing on the big screen, “Silent Place Part Two” will be transferred to the just-started streaming service Paramount Plus, and after a similar period of time, “F9” will be available on the premium video-on-demand platform.

Overseas, “F9″‘s box office revenue exceeded the 300 million U.S. dollar mark, becoming a force for international audiences. The film added another 38 million U.S. dollars from 45 foreign markets, bringing its international box office to 335 million U.S. dollars and global box office to 405 million U.S. dollars. Although the restrictions of the COVID era and the hesitation of consumers mean that the overall box office total of “F9” may be lower than the past “fast” installments, the production cost of action adventure or the cost of marketing and promotion on a global scale has not been reduced. This means that in addition to movie tickets, this movie with a budget of $200 million must also sell a large amount of online rentals to make money.

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