If you are looking for the Phoenix Suns All-Star Devin Booker in the last 12 minutes and 48 seconds of Game 3 of the 2021 NBA Finals, you will not be able to find him if you don’t look away from the action.

Booker grabbed a rebound with 1:59 left in the third quarter and missed a three-pointer seven seconds later. This is the last chance for the Suns to continue to lose. This is almost Booker’s last meaningful activity in the game. In addition to the significance of going to the bench 70 seconds after the last shooting attempt, the final account is in the Bucks. 120 and 100 on the Sun.

Suns coach Monty Williams spoke directly with Booker before the last ten minutes.

Williams told reporters: “Just talk to him about the game. The kind of power we have to use is just a normal thing.” “In the words of the NBA, this is one of the games you usually call a’straight flush’.” But You can’t, in the finals. We must watch this movie and learn and start playing our basketball continuously again. “

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Booker ended the game in just 29 minutes, scoring 10 points and shooting 3 of 14 from the field. These three numbers all represent the lowest point of Booker’s career playoffs. In his defense, this only involves the 2021 season, because the Suns have not made the playoffs in his first five seasons. Also defending him is that Booker is only 24 years old. And, before the defensive break, remember that Booker is playing with a broken face.

This may not be a true medical term, but if it involves your face, it may be what you said. He was injured in the third quarter of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals when Clippers guard Patrick Beverley leaned in to defend Booker and accidentally hit him with his head. Booker fell on the court with three broken noses and has since been working hard to restore the state that made him one of the brightest young stars in the league.

Booker wore a mast in several games to prevent further injury or pain, but gave it up in the 6th game against the Clippers, and in the third quarter, when Paul George used the ball.

Not all pain is physical. In the seven games since the injury, he averaged 23 points and 36.4% field goal percentage. Obviously, as the playoffs progressed, the game became more difficult and the pressure increased, but his data before being eliminated was 26.1 points and 43.8% shooting. He scored more than 30 points in 6 games out of 12 chances before the injury, and only 2 times since.

“Their aggressiveness, their defense, they locked him, he missed some shots. So this will happen,” Williams said. “He has encountered this situation before. When you reach the finals, it means you have encountered a lot of situations. This is nothing new to us.”

In addition, until Phoenix-now leading 2-1-either wins the series or loses the series. Everything is new until it is not. Every great player who entered the finals, every aspiring champion who entered the finals, has never been there.

When Booker sat down in the last quarter on Sunday, someone discussed how Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan would react if they sat on the bench in a similar way. However, if Kobe and Jordan are in a similar situation, keep a few things in mind. Jordan will be more experienced. In his first Finals, he was 27 years old and fell behind Booker’s 3 series in 14 playoff series behind him. And Kobe, although he was only 21 years old when he entered the Finals for the first time, he is the second best player on the team so far. He is the champion and the next two players. Shaquille O’Neal averaged 38, 33 and 36 points per game in winning the first Finals series of the 21st century.

If anyone has to compare Booker with two of the 15 greatest players in game history, at least the competition must be fair. And remember, only one of the three people had his nose broken due to the previous dust storm.


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