In the six-month season, each team will have a “small sample” surprise. In northern Chicago, they called this annual decline “June.”

Just as expected, the Cubs ushered in “meh” June after their brilliant May, allowing the Brewers to catch and surpass them over NL Central. But the Cubs are not the only team hoping to perform differently this month.

Let’s take a look at the 5 teams that will press the restart button in June-if this is true-and the players most responsible for the troughs and troughs.

Chicago Cubs

June records: 11-10

Quick thinking: Yes, they are still over 0.500 this month. However, there are two things: If you don’t talk about the Cubs, it is almost impossible to use the term, and the 11-10 record is shocking compared to their excellent record of 19-8 in May.

The most important foothold: Kris Bryant (18 games average 0.133, 0.485 OPS, 3 outside base hits). Kobe’s recovery in the first two months of the season is an important reason why the Cubs unexpectedly spent on NL Central. The .485 OPS in June was less than half of the end of May (1.016). Damn.

Support the fainted: Jason Heyward (.475 OPS), Jake Arrieta (4 starts 9.00 ERA), Javier Baez (.457 OPS), Ian Happ (.443 OPS)

Tampa Bay Rays

June records: 9-11

Quick thinking: The Rays had the best record in AL as they entered June; in that game, they are now behind the Astros, White Sox, Red Sox and A team. This month started well, but lost seven games in a row-losing four of those seven games! ——It is cruel.

The most important foothold: Pete Fairbanks (4.66 ERA, 0-3 record). Yes, maybe choosing Fairbanks is wrong (fair?). But he was on the mound in two of these four losses and another. For the first game, Magic Runner scored with one defeat and one defeat in the 10th game. The second was more of his actual error (no magic runner); he made a save in the ninth inning and allowed a walk and a third base hit, which resulted in two runs and a loss. In the third loss, he escaped the Magic Runner in the 10th inning, but after losing to the Red Sox 9-5, he allowed four runs at the top of the 11th inning.

Support the fainted: Michael Wacha (7.56 ERA in three games), Brett Phillips (0.115 average, 0.454 OPS), Ji-Man Choi (0.397 OPS)

St. Louis Cardinals

June records: 6-14

Quick thinking: In the shadow of the arch, this is an ugly and ugly month. Injuries won’t help, but it’s inconsistent that drives the Cardinals fans crazy. At the beginning of the month, they were halftime away from NL Central’s lead, and now they are in fourth place, 5 1/2 behind the first brewers.

The most important foothold: Tommy Edman (0.250 benchmark percentage, 15/1 K/9 ratio). Just like Edman, so are the Cardinals. This season, his batting rate in winning the Cardinals was 0.338 and the on-base rate was 0.395; his batting rate was 0.203 and the on-base rate in losing was 0.232. You will see his OBP this month. His first walk in June did not happen until Wednesday.

Support the fainted: John Gunter (8.10 ERA, 17 BB in 20 IP), Paul De Jong (.105 avg, .375 OPS), Carlos Martinez (15.34 ERA), Yadier Molina (.414 OPS)

Chicago White Sox

June records: 11-9

Quick thinking: Look, expectations for ChiSox are high, and the record hovering around 0.500 is disappointing. Their fault tolerance rate is higher than most teams-AL Central is not very good-so small problems like this are not devastating.

The most important foothold: Jose Abreu (average 0.179, 0.502 OPS, 1 HR). The 2020 AL MVP is the highlight of the lineup, he is not the most productive himself. His performance in June is usually very good. In five of his first six Junes, his average score was over 0.300 and his OPS was over 0.830, but this is not the case in 2021.

Support the fainted: Yermin Mercedes (0.134 average, 0.330 OPS), Dylan Cease (5.55 ERA in 5 starts), Andrew Vaughn (0.242 upper base, 5 RBI), Garrett Crochet (6.00 ERA in 7 rescues)

San Diego Padres

June records: 11-11

Quick thinking: Yes, I know it feels weird to queue the Padres on this list after sweeping the Dodgers. But even after that exciting series, they still only had 0.500 in June.

The most important foothold: Eric Hosmer (average 0.167 in 22 games, 0.447 OPS, 3 outside base hits). When Hosmer hits fifth-his typical position-he is either directly behind Manny Machado or directly behind Fernando Tatis, Fernando Tatis Jr., he must be productive , So the opposing pitcher will not work around the two best batsmen of the Padres. To say the least, he has not been efficient recently.

Support the fainted: Trent Grisham (.128) Jurickson Profar (.109), Emelio Pagan (6.10 ERA; ER allowed in 5 of 11 rescues)


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