Injuries in the NFL preseason are inevitable. This week, several top players from the NFC North (DeAndre Swift, Justin Fields, Justin Jefferson) are dealing with the league and other players in the league. Although there are some big-name players on this list, it seems that they are all ready for the first week. However, it is always good practice to monitor their situation and be prepared to update your rankings and cheat sheets before your fantasy draft.

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Lead your draft: Ultimate 2021 cheat sheet

Justin Fields injury update

Fields made a deep impression in his preseason debut, but he also adjusted his groin in the process.The good news is that this seems to be secondary, and only the Bears Stop him from practicing As a conservative measure earlier this week. Mattnaghi said that Fields is likely to participate in their next preseason game against the Bills, so don’t worry too much.In fact, despite the news of the injury, his ADP has risen in the past week, as we did in ADP report.

Unless he encounters a setback, the injury will not affect Fields’ dream prospects for 2021. However, it is unclear when he will have the opportunity to start. Recently, Andy Dalton said it was “his time” to start, and the Bears beat writer Patrick Finley and praised the veteran as “the most stable quarterback ever coached by Matt Nagy.” Fields has more room for improvement and is worth collecting, but obviously he can’t count on it in the first week.

2021 PPR fantasy ranking:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight knot | Digital/ST | Kicker | Top 200

DeAndre Swift injury update

Swift has been dealing with a lingering groin problem, which has caused him to miss training in the past few weeks. However, practice on Thursday, will slowly return to the court. Don’t expect him to participate in the preseason. The injured young running back is always worrying, but his injury is not serious at this time. Pay close attention to his situation, because missing practice time may result in fewer reps and a slower start of the regular season.

If Swift suffers a setback that causes him to miss the first week, Jamal Williams will be the leader of the backcourt, and rookie Jamal Jefferson may get some work.

2021 Fantasy Pajamas:
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Justin Jefferson injury update

What did Jefferson suffer What seems to be a terrible left shoulder injury During the Viking training two weeks ago. However, only 10 days later, he did resume training because it was revealed that the injury was not serious. After being diagnosed with an AC joint sprain, he is unlikely to miss the first week.

On this list, Jefferson’s injury is the least concerned, and you should continue to implement the plan for Jefferson before the panic.

2021 standard fantasy ranking:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight knot | Digital/ST | Kicker | Top 200

Chase Claypool injury update

In the Hall of Fame game, after a brilliant steal off the court, Claypool sprained his shoulder and slowly got up. This didn’t slow him down much, but he sprained his ankle during training on Tuesday and had to get help off the court.Fortunately, this is also Not considered to be a major injury

Although his injuries will not affect his playing time in the regular season, before the start of Week 1, Claypool has treated two diseases (albeit minor ones). It won’t necessarily change his fantasy draft stock, but it deserves attention. Those who choose to be extremely conservative when injured may want to avoid him.


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