Injuries in the NFL preseason are inevitable, and it is important to monitor the injuries of top players. Injuries will not only affect their potential value, but also affect the ranking of players around them. Whether it’s because the quarterback (Dark Prescott, Carson Wentz) is sick and the wide receiver is relegated for one or two rounds, or because the starter in front of him (Sakun Barkley) is injured. Handcuffs RB have been upgraded, and fantasy football bosses all need to highlight the latest news on their cheat sheets before entering the draft.

Below, we will look at the three most significant QB and RB injuries that led to the 2021 Fantasy Football Draft.For all the latest fantasy news, follow us on Twitter @SN_Fantasy

Lead your draft: Ultimate 2021 cheat sheet

Duck Prescott injury update

The Cowboys’ Brass insisted that Prescott would be ready to participate in the opener against the Pirates on Thursday night of Week 1, but there is news that Second nuclear magnetic resonance On Prescott’s right shoulder, many people in the fantasy world are worried.Although the good news is coming NMR results, It still adds another layer of risk to the drafting of Prescott. Not only did he recover from the cruel dislocation and fracture of his right ankle, but now his shoulder is also a problem.

Although Prescott finally trained with the team a week before the preseason on August 13, it is worth paying attention to his situation.In his best form, he has the potential to become the number one fantasy quarterback (we have him Sixth place), so if we continue to get positive coverage, and he falls too much in your draft, be prepared to use this value. Now, don’t relegate him or any other offensive players in Dallas, although if Garrett Gilbert or Bendinucci plan to start in the first week, their prospects will soon change.

2021 standard fantasy ranking:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight knot | Digital/ST | Kicker | Top 200

Carson Wentz injury update

August 2nd, There are reports that Words is undergoing foot surgery. There is a recovery schedule of 5-12 weeks.With his Well recovered, He now looks expected to start in Week 1.

Even before the injury issue, Wentz didn’t seem to be part of the weekly fantasy star in 2021.His current state FantasyPros ADP Leave him on the board as the 26th QB.We threw him to Our QB ranks 32nd, But if he plays as planned in Week 1, he will return to the 20-24 range. With a dark history of injuries, you’d better let Wentz lose in the single quarterback. However, his presence will be an important advantage for Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman, TY Hilton and other key offensive players of Indy, because even Wentz who is less than 100% is better than Jacob Ethan. Or Sam Elinger better.

2021 Fantasy Auction Value (Standard and PPR):
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight knot | Digital/ST | Kicker | comprehensive

Will Saquon Barkley be in Week 1?

Some athletes seem to recover easily from a torn ACL injury, while others take a long time to recover.The latter seems to be the case of Barkley, and Giants don’t take risks. Why do they do this? The Giants are not expected to be contenders this year, so why bet on the future of your team’s biggest star? Barkley will almost certainly not participate in any on-site training in the preseason, and he may even miss the previous week or two.

If you choose him to be close to his 7.3 ADP, if he misses the first two weeks of the season, without his services, you are likely to become a clear underdog. Who wants to sign up to start 0-2 in their redrafted league? Sounds interesting.

2021 PPR fantasy ranking:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight knot | Digital/ST | Kicker | Top 200

However, it is not clear whether he will miss any time, so we did not remove him from Ranked 4th in our standard RB ranking and PPR No. 3If he competes at the beginning of the season, there are still a few things to consider: Will he take the time to look like himself, and will he get injured again? Like Prescott, he has the first upside in his position, but he has a bigger bet in the first round of the fantasy draft. If Barkley does miss time, Devon Tabuk will see most of the Giants’ offense.he is a Essential handcuffs For any Barkley boss.


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