Whether it is Toyota GR 86 Or Subaru BRZ The platform twin has not yet been launched, but there have been rumors about the third variant of the light sports coupe.Japanese media reported that GR 86 will produce a Lexus Variant, and it already has a name, Lexus UC.

According to the Japanese website Spyder7UC will represent Urban Coupe, which is very consistent with the Lexus UX nomenclature. Its size may be slightly larger than GR 86. The length of the upcoming GR 86 is 168 inches, but reports claim that the Lexus UC may be nearly a foot long, with a total length of about 177 inches.

This does not mean that there will be more internal space.The extra length may come from the redesigned front and rear panels, which are compatible with the GR 86 and quickly From each other. Lexus lovers Have a Spy shot The vehicle allegedly being tested.The car in the photo is wearing a Lexus version trademark Spindle grille.

Simultaneously, Creative trends According to the report, UC’s 2.4-liter horizontally opposed engine can compete with Plug-in hybrid Powertrain. Subaru There is currently no PHEV system connected to this engine.This Trekking Half of PHEV’s gasoline uses a 2.0-liter engine, so if these rumor Proved to be correct, this will be the first of 2.4 liters.

The report also pointed out that the interior may adopt the new Lexus interface Recently debuted with NXThis will differentiate Lexus from the Toyobaru twins who have almost the same cabin.

Although all these are still within the scope of rumors, Toyota did issue an official announcement on the GR 86.It will be in Goodwood Festival of Speed, Where GR Same as above A similar situation occurred in 2018. We will look for it at the start of the event on July 8.

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