I have posted a similar post on my blog, although it’s not about favorites, but about My matte liquid lipstick range Since a few years ago. Some formulas also have a place in this article, but I no longer use those that are too old, whether they are worth mentioning or not, because they are great. In addition, I originally placed Lancome Matte Shake Liquid Lipstick in this article, but then I found out that it has been discontinued. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 07 Nude-ist The shade is very similar to the shaker (vintage beige) I recently repurchased, but the Lancôme formula is better.

Maybelline Super Matte Ink

the end: Matte

Quantity: 5 ml

price: 6.99 Euro

Pigmentation: 5/5 ComfortTons: 2.5/5 Staying power: 5/5

These are the longest lasting lip colors in my collection other than Revlon’s Overtime. On most days, as long as you don’t eat too much greasy food, they look like freshly applied after 12 hours. This also means that they need waterproof remover to completely remove it, and many people may find it uncomfortable. The formula is very thick, so even application is not as easy as others, although it depends on the shade, and these are very sticky in the first half and an hour. When you press them, they almost stick your lips together, but once they set, they set like the cement of your lips. Don’t give in unless you decide to attack them with a lot of oil. These feel the most like a layer on the lips, but I can’t tell you if they are dry, I can only say that others feel more comfortable. Once they dry on the lips, they feel good, and as I said, if you need something that really lasts, these are the best completely opaque options I know. I have two shades, Rose Fuchsia Lover and Gorgeous Cool Red Pioneer, both of which are part of the original series and have since expanded significantly.

THEBALM Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

the end: Velvet matte

Quantity: 7.4 ml

price: Müller 19 €, Notino 17 €, it feels unique and looks great

Pigmentation: 5/5 Comfortable: 4/5 Staying Power: 4/5 stands for commitment, charming and sincere, 5/5 stands for worship

These are still my favorite matte liquid lipsticks. The pigmentation of most lipsticks is very good, so nothing special, but these apply evenly and dry to a nice matte finish, not drying at all for me, they last well on the lips. They have a minty smell and even sting for a minute, but don’t expect any plumping effect. Mine are very old now (except Sincere), so I rarely wear them, but for many years these have been the lipsticks I use most often. I have four shades: Sincere, a soft pink/rose brown combination and one of my favorite shades, Committed, another favorite shade is a soft pink nude, Charming is a medium rose brown shade, Adoring It is a deep burgundy red.

REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lip Gloss

the end: Creamy luster, semi-matte in good time

Quantity: 5.9 ml

price: 12.25 EUR

Pigmentation: 5/5 Comfortable: 5/5 Staying power: 3/5

These are some of the most comfortable lip products I know. They are named wrong because the formula is not matte, but has a creamy, almost shiny surface, but over time (I mean hours), it becomes a stain, it is matte of. They are completely opaque liquid lipsticks and the formula is not very good on the lips. I have been using them instead of lip balm for years, even though I replaced them with the latest vinyl version in the last year. Embrace is a nude peach hue with some pink, and Devotion is a light medium warm pink.

REVLON Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Gloss

the end: Shiny

Quantity: 5.9 ml

price: 12.25 EUR

Pigmentation: 5/5 Comfortable: 5/5 Staying power: 3/5

This gloss formula is as good as the original matte. They are very similar, are completely opaque in a coat, and are very comfortable, like a cushion on the lips. This one is shiny when applied, but as it fades, it becomes creamier. The staying power of this new vinyl version is great for gloss products, but the formula is thicker than regular gloss. The birthday suit is light medium pinky purple, while Chery is warm red.

REVLON Colorstay Overtime Lip Gloss

the end: Matte or glossy

Quantity: 4 ml

price: 11.90 EUR

Pigmentation: 3/5 Comfortable: 4/5 Staying power: 5/5

This is the most durable product here. It can survive drinking, eating, and touching the lips, and it will not transfer. I don’t think it is drying. I think I can say that it is generally more comfortable than normal matte liquid lipsticks. It also does not make my lips rough and mottled at the end of the day, on the contrary, they still look smooth.I have got Provocalips by Rimmel, It is also very long lasting, but that one is already difficult to remove, in my opinion, this is a better version of this product, especially (but if you are looking for something that lasts, both are great). It is divided into two parts: the color is very sticky at the beginning, so you need to wait for it to dry, and then there is a glossy coating to seal the color. It stays shiny for a while, but after a few hours it is a natural matte type, almost as if the lips are naturally dyed. I have 380 Always Sienna, which is a Marsala reddish brown and Unlimited Mulberry, which is a natural fuchsia pink.

REVLON Kiss Cushion Lip Gloss

the end: Glossy cream

Quantity: 4.4 ml

price: 10.89 Euro

Pigmentation: 4/5 Comfortable: 5/5 Staying power: 3/5

Despite the “hue” in the name, they can wear two coats completely opaque and are very comfortable on the lips. Together with vinyl, these are the best opaque formulas I have tried for dry lips. It is thinner than vinyl lip oil and feels more like a creamy oil texture rather than a creamy sheen, they will leave an even stain over time, but you can also use them as a stain if you want, Naughty Mauve It looks very natural. The air cushion applicator reminds me of Lancome’s Shakers. Surprisingly, it is not as clumsy as I thought, so there is no mess around the lips. So far, I’m still looking for a shade that I really like, but I already own three of them: Pretty Kiss, which is a light beige shade that is already a bit warm beige brown on me, and has a metallic The texture, Naughty Mauve, is completely opaque and looks like a medium brown rose. Wine Trip is a deep, blood-sucking reddish brown hue.

RIMMEL Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

the end: Matte

Quantity: 5.5 ml

price: DM 6.19 €, Spletična 1.80 €, Notino 3.49 €

Pigmentation: 5/5 Comfortable: 4/5 Staying Power: 5/5

Review: 500 igniter

As far as matte liquid lipsticks are concerned, this is my favorite one of the lipsticks sold in our drugstore. Maybelline stays on the lips forever, but they are more comfortable, still perfect matt, pigmented and long lasting, enough to get you through most of your time. I only have one color, Fire Starter, which is a classic warm red.

DEBORAH Fluid Velvet Mat Effect Liquid Lipstick

the end: Matte

price: 6.99€

Pigmentation:5/5 Comfortable: 3.5/5 Staying power: 4.5/5

Except for Revlon, this is another favorite formula I can buy in pharmacies, but I prefer Rimmel’s, and this one has a better tone. It is completely opaque, smooth, spreads well, no spots, completely dry in one minute, completely matte, and completely transfer-proof. I did not find it dry on my lips, but as I mentioned many times before, I did not have any dryness on my body, so I am a bad example. I got the second shade 02, which is one of the lightest shades. It is a light medium pink and is very easy to wear.

Sephora Cream Lip Gloss

the end: Velvet matte

Quantity: 5 ml

price: 10.99€

Pigmentation: 5/5 Comfortable: 4/5 Staying power: 3.5/5

These are one of the more comfortable matte formulas, although I think TheBalm is better, but these are another product with a perfect matte effect and excellent pigmentation. Staying power is the only thing not as good as some others, but here you will get comfort instead of the color that actually sticks to the lips, so these are also easy to remove. 13 Marvelous Mauve is a medium pinky fuchsia, one of the most popular shades, and Strawberry Kissed is a similar warm little red.


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