One of the best mascaras I have tried so far, although it is a regular formula, it certainly does not curl my eyelashes like waterproof eyelashes, but it makes them look beautiful. Mine are criss-crossed, so even if the mascara is defined, it usually doesn’t spread them well, and there are still visible cracks after use, but this fixes them in their place and each eyelash is By definition, there are more coatings that will not start to stick them together, it provides a lot of length and volume. Even with two or three coats, this formula can still keep the eyelashes soft.I would love to have a waterproof formula, I have Abundance One, this is great, but I like this brush better. It also claims that regular use can dye eyelashes black, which may be interesting for blondes.

PUPA upper!mascara

I have these three colors: black, dark green and blue (I only put one on the picture, but I’m IG story). This formula is almost the same as Revlon So Fierce. I wear one eye, and I can’t distinguish them. At the end of the day, this one is more difficult to get out of the car completely, I saw panda eyes when I woke up, but that was the only difference. It makes my eyelashes look well spread, longer and fuller. It’s not bad to curl my eyelashes, but I still want to get a waterproof version when I’m in DM someday. It is quite expensive, but it is very good at making my eyelashes look neat and tidy. Unlike Revlon, I can buy a waterproof version at a local drugstore. Since my eyelashes are dark, colored mascara does not look as impressive on me as it does on blondes and other light-haired people, but blue mascara looks okay.

I got this not too long ago because the shadow was not as I expected, I put it in a drawer and mainly used other things. I have changed my view on color, or I just need to hear someone say that this hue looks good to me. This is a shade that is perfect for deceiving more perfect shape and plump lips. This is a natural and soft peach pink. On my pale and neutral skin tone, a little overdraft is not too obvious, so I will start choosing this more. I am a fan of these because the formula is very smooth, the matte effect is great, and the shape makes it a great lipstick + lip liner, especially because it has a sharpener on the back. We finally got this shade in DM, but when I bought it, I bought it blindly online.

PUPA upper!Scented nail polish gel effect

104 & 302

It’s nice to see that the trend of scented nail polish has not disappeared, even though I just tried it Revlon Those that have been discontinued. I like the two shades I got, they are my colors. Most nail polishes are good for me, I mean the last ones are good, so my main focus is on the color. 104 is a perfect nude color with some peach red tones, while 302 is a warm pink purple, similar to my favorite essence shade called Very Berry, which was discontinued a few years ago. The formulation is described as a gel, but 104 still requires two coats to get a uniform surface, and 302 is a good single coating agent. These are scented and I can detect it well when the nails are close to my nose, which is the same as the discontinued Revlon nail polish-it lasts for about a day, after it is very weak. 302 smells similar to Lancome La Vie est Belle, so it is a sweet vanilla patchouli scent, and 104 is this lovely vanilla powdery floral fragrance. I just like it. I can’t stop smelling my nails when it opens.

IT’S SKIN Power 10 Formula Propolis

I can hardly believe I can see K-Beauty Propolis Essence in the local pharmacy. I always plan to buy a new bottle of any propolis products because they are very effective on my skin.I used to have LEE JIHAM DR.’s Care Vitamin Propolis AmpouleIt used to “repair” my skin in three or four uses, but those bottles were 15ml and I had to order them from Asia. Not only was it super slow for a long time, but now the shipping is also very expensive. It costs a lot of money here, but it is worth it. In a week or so, my skin looked healthier. Propolis stuff tends to give my skin a healthy glow, and it helps it look more even. This won’t make my skin as clean as LJH, but it’s okay, the hormones have worked this month, and it’s getting better now. It lists honey extract first, then propolis, it also contains nicotinamide and several extracts-it is not as good as many other propolis serums, but good enough. It is a bit slippery, medium thick serum texture and feels very moisturizing on my skin. I also like this fragrance. Although it is not honey, it is a good skin care product.

SCHWARZKOPF GLISS 7-second quick repair treatment

Ultimate repair and oil nutrition

The expectations for this series of products are very low, not because I have heard of these bad things, in fact the opposite, but when it comes to my hair, 7 seconds is a far cry from the time I usually leave the conditioner, if I want a decent effect, and Gliss doesn’t get along well with my hair. However, this is surprisingly good. It is annoying to use because it is a liquid, and then you need to emulsify it, so it takes longer to use than standard conditioners, but it is really very effective. It just deposits what it needs on the hair immediately, and you can rinse it off. It’s a bit liberating for a girl like me. I don’t have to spend an hour doing shampoo + conditioner business, let alone drying time. The visual effect is not as they promised in the before/after photos, because my hair still has frizz, but it has less “halo amount” after it dries, which I got with a cheap conditioner. Because my hair is long and thick, I need 40ml at a time, so if I plan to use it regularly, one bottle won’t last me that long, but I know I won’t because I mix my collection a lot. The Ultimate and Oil versions have the same effect on my hair.

MOROCCANOIL All-in-one leave-in conditioner

This is the best leave-in conditioner I have tried. I have a bunch of useless leave-in conditioners, but I use them for the ingredients (hydration, protein, amino acids, bond repair). To be honest, I didn’t expect much of it, and I just wanted the ingredients, But this one is different. I saw the difference in particular because I used my other collections while trying Gliss treatment to see how it performed on its own, and now I see the effect of this conditioner. I also used a conditioner which is not very good by itself, which helps to make my hair feel softer, moisturizes the tips very well (the promised 72 hours), it protects against heat, and contains protein + amino acids, so It really is two in one.Almost, the only thing I can’t do is tame my frizz, but this is the job of a heavy hitter like this Moroccanoils Smoothing Concentrate and L’Oreal Liss disposable combinationThe Moroccanoil stuff is very useful to me, this is another winner. I really like this.


There is a new sunscreen in my collection.

GARNIER Ambre Solaire Anti-aging Super UV SPF 50

I talked about this a new one. Now that I have been using it for a while, I found an annoying problem that it peels off when I apply makeup on it with a brush. I mainly use the sponges that you get in the cushion foundation, so I didn’t notice this problem at first, but the result became messier with the brush (remember, I applied a lot and the coat is very thin, the problem does not exist) .Otherwise I still like this formula, not so much fluid, But this ingredient is better (non-alcoholic, with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid). It has a regular creamy texture, similar to a moisturizer for dry skin, and has sunscreen sheen, but it looks good on my dry skin (it doesn’t exist in a small amount, it may be used by many , So it is not the “recommended quantity”) This is a sunscreen for normal dry skin, but for those with oils, the liquid is lighter (although I don’t know it is 100% effective for you, I don’t know).

FILORGA UV-Bronze facial anti-aging sunscreen lotion

I recently started from Beauty pharmacy. It is lighter than Garnier and does not peel, so I like it better at the moment, but this fragrance is very strong, so it is not suitable for everyone. It contains niacinamide and squalane like Garnier.It is a light lotion cream texture, I don’t feel greasy (it is most similar to Appieu I’ve completed). It is easy to apply, has no white plaster or streaks, and has this wonderful honey floral fragrance. There is no problem with makeup, no extra shine, although it is not matte, but there is not much “sunscreen” on my skin, my makeup is still on at the end of the day (the skin is matte at that time because it is dry ). It’s expensive, but good, but Garnier fluid is still lighter.

URIAGE Bariésun dry mist hot spring water

I bought another one from a beauty pharmacy. I started to like spray sunscreens last year because they apply very quickly, and I can use them to reapply sunscreen, even when applying makeup. Technically speaking, this is not meant to be applied on the face with a spray, they suggest you spray it on your hands and apply it, but I have tried makeup anyway. Uriage actually has another spray Designed to be used as needed during the day, but they are only available in SPF 30 version (which is good, I just tend to spend a long time in the sun, I like safety). It is very light, I hardly need to rub it on the body, but I will rub it on the face. It is a bit greasy and shiny on the skin, but not sticky or white. I have worn it on my face and it is no problem for me (dry skin). The makeup can be done, when I reapply it on the makeup, it will shine and crease my eyeshadow, so for a matte look, powder is necessary (Maybelline Fit Me works well for me) . I need to avoid my eyes/lashes because it will make them greasy and make my glasses dirty, but it will not blur my vision.

Have a good day!


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