I discovered three waterproof mascaras last year: L’Oreal’s Paradise, Maybelline total temptation and this. Revlon is the best one to maintain for a long time. It stays fresh for the longest time, continues to provide great abundance and maintains its best performance.If Essence stopped their I <3 limit WP, This will be my permanent replacement, but despite the higher price, I occasionally buy this because I prefer a less clumsy brush compared to Essence.
I am scrapping the last point of Palmer’s Swivel stick, I have mentioned many times that it is the best ever because of its soft, non-obtrusive hard/wax formula, and for many years (since 2012) this is the only thing I have used Lip balm. The replacement I ordered on Feel Unique is missing (just like my Look Fantastic order. 2 out of the 3 orders after Brexit are from the UK), I have been trying to find a regular stick here /Squeeze tube substitute, but so far I have no impression of me. Blistex serum It is a good choice, but it is a night care that takes time to work, not something that can be applied without fingers, so I insist on the only effective method-Lange Lip Sleeping Mask. Even under the mask, it sticks on the lips for several hours and repairs dry lips. My only complaint is that, like Blistex, it is also not easy to apply in stick form. Although you have a silicone applicator, I can’t carry it with me all the time, so I’m still looking for something suitable in our pharmacy until I finally do it again Get Palmer’s, but these two are my lip care heroes for dry, flaky lips.

To be honest, I hope this is some crappy gel cream formula with some sparse beads, like many scrubs in drugstores, but this formula is completely different from other formulas. It is very silky and has no oily residue. Although the beads are small, they are never sparse. It is not an irritating scrub, so there is no scrub like sugar or salt, but it works fine, and it’s not rough at all. The smell of Dove is usually a nice creamy smell, but it just makes the shower a little better. Such a good care product.

Although the misleading name made me buy it, I realized that I was betrayed because it is not oil. I really like this gel cleanser, I just threw away my Balea (well, I use Finished as a shower gel). It is a simple gel and comes in a very convenient pump packaging. I use it to clean my face alone or as a second cleanser after oil. It is mild and has no fragrance. My skin is not as tight as using Balea gel and it does not irritate my eyes. It even contains some niacinamide.

I have explained that OGX is New post, But to be clear, this is not a scam by Olaplex. So far, the conditioner is the only product I have noticed that makes my hair stronger-of course temporary, because the effect will last for a few days until my hair dries and becomes brittle again as a result, but it definitely has Help those who have been damaged/broken hair still “stick”, not suddenly. I also like this thick and rich formula, it keeps my hair hydrated longer than most other drugstore care products (I have been testing new products in the past few months, this + Lazartigue is very long in terms of length Prominence) to prevent the hair from drying out quickly). It is not a lightweight product, it can remove the creaminess from the hair, but I just added some wigs and my hair feels very good in the morning. I now use Bonding Cream every time I wash. It is not that effective on its own, but it is easy to combine with other products and provide additional heat protection. I have been avoiding OGX because a reader told me that their stuff is not good, but I think I will now explore their other product lines.

This is one of the most impressive hair masks I have tried, but it is also very expensive, so naturally you should expect a lot. This makes my hair soft, just like I use Olaplex (0+3) overnight. Although this mask does not contain silicone and my hair stays hydrated for almost a week, it feels silky smooth, there is only one other This happens to the product. I have been testing other masks ever since, and I really miss how good my hair is with this mask, and the rest have such short-term effects.

A lightweight spray for feathers with good ingredients because it contains hydrolyzed protein that tops the list. I find that this spray makes my hair softer than when I don’t use it, but if the conditioner I use is not that good (Langhaarmädchen), it won’t work miracles. It is easy to integrate into daily work, the mist is good, but the bottle is a bit small, but we will see how often I have to buy it again.

This is such a unique product. This is a hair perfume/leave-in. Whenever I touch my hair, its scent is “activated” and lasts for a whole day. As a leave-in conditioner, it is ok, I like it a little lighter, I wish more oil, but it is still a good one, at least it is a non-alcoholic scent mist, it is hard to find, I really like it Fruity Australian perfume.

GOT2B Beauty Shampoo


When I posted it, it hadn’t completely washed off, so I said I would report how long it took. I like it for too long. In fact, my hair ends still have a pinkish-purple tone. I think it may stay there forever, but the rest is now completely washed off. This is two months after I used it (my I washed my hair once, sometimes twice a week). It is not common for temporary pastels to last for so long. If you really have purple hair that you want to maintain and keep, this is a good product because it lasts for a long time and can even color porous hair permanently, but I prefer the violet Subrina Color Refresh, which is the same The color has always been completely washed off so far. If you want to create a faint pastel on the blonde, you will also use a lot at a time, about 1/3 of the tube (with Subrina I can get a deeper purple, and this only works for pastels) and it doesn’t work On anything deeper than light gold.

JOHN FRIEDA Comprehensive Repair Hydrate and Rescue Deep Conditioner Treatment

I liked this very much on the first day because it was very successfully used in drugstore masks to tame frizz, and my hair was smoother than most drugstore treatments, but on the third day my hair was very dry (though not tangled), so This is a mask. I have to combine a lot of leave-in masks that suit my hair type. I think I will explore the JF Frizz purple thread, it looks like it might be able to handle my super curly mane, but I have to combine it with Cantu and La Croa.

LANGHAARMÄDCHEN Haarmaske Moisturizing Care

I like the ingredient list of this one because it looks like a perfect moisturizing hair mask: glycerin, panthenol, arginine, hyaluronic acid, serine and other amino acids. It does not have silicone, which is obvious on my hair because it is not easy to comb and because this does not provide too much gliding or unraveling. The formula is very light and although it is not super liquid, I don’t think it will weigh down anyone’s hair. For me, it is generally too light, I have unprecedented frizz (it looks like my hair is twice as large. Like Hagrid), my hair was dry + very tangled the next day. I couldn’t fix it with anything, my hair absorbed everything within a few hours and became so fragile. It has high feedback on the Internet, I guess it comes from people with thinning hair that will soon be overwhelmed, but when I read about them, some people mentioned that their hair has been bleached, I just don’t understand them. Why do you like it. The ingredients are great, but it lacks what nourishes dry hair.


L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear 24H Foundation -Obviously there is a hype about this, although I only saw it in one place and That comment Before/after persuading me to put it on the wish list. I am waiting for Notino or Spletična to get it because I am 100% sure that the shade range will exclude the lightest shades in our pharmacy as usual, although I really hope I am wrong.

OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner and Update + Moroccan Argan Oil Moisturizing Conditioner -After being impressed with the Bonding Plex version, I want to explore this brand more. Both of these are sold in DM and have interesting ingredients.

L’Oreal Elvive Dream length 8 seconds miracle water layered rinse -It has been at the top of my wish list since it was launched in North America for more than a year, and it finally started appearing on blogs in the UK and Germany, so I hope it will also reach our pharmacy soon. They changed the packaging for our market and added it to the Dream Lengths/Dream Long series.

JOHN FRIEDA Frizz Ease series -The Full Repair mask does a good job of smoothing hair, so now I am interested in trying more. Many of their products have good reviews on the Internet.

L’OCCITANE Terre de Lumière Intense Bath Oil- I have been a big fan of almond oil for more than ten years, and I discovered that they have a new bath oil (also shea butter). L’Occitane produces the most luxurious bath oil formulations, and their products smell very good.

JOHNSON’S BABY Shiny Drops Children’s Conditioner Spray -I found this when I checked the ingredients on the DM website. This is such a simple formula, which contains the top amino acids plus some argan oil. It looks worth buying.

Palmer’s products -I have actually purchased some of the items on the picture, as well as the repurchased rotating rod and my favorite face oil, but like I said, my package is missing. For some time, I have wanted to try a lot of Palmer products, but online purchases are terrible (transportation, customs, waiting…), so I postponed it. It would be great if we had this brand in our pharmacy. I am interested in a rotating stick containing lactic acid (ordered), moisturizing hair oil (ordered), coconut version and appropriate lip balm, enzyme mask, moisture-rich night cream (retinol, peptide) and its original formula. .

TERRA NATURI Long Hair Mask- It’s on my wish list because its shea butter is at the top of the list, but honestly, I don’t expect much of it because it’s a drugstore, but maybe it will surprise me and it’s worth a try.


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