Popular projects’ price tags are rising as a result of NFTs’ impact on the digital art sector. But how can you determine which NFTs are worth your consideration right now, given that there are millions of them already in existence and others on the horizon? For the year 2022, we searched the NFT market for the biggest NFT drops projects. Find out which NFT is the finest right now by reading on!


Share with people and meet new people around the world with Yubo, a social live-streaming app. Play games, talk, and watch videos on YouTube all in one place It’s easy to build a network of talented enthusiasts or even meet fresh investors and people with shared interests on Yubo.

Yubo Randos comes under the category of the biggest NFT drops collection. Nonetheless, it fulfills all the demands of fans by adding the flavor of craziness. These people are frequently the ones who stick out in your mind while recalling the hard period or huge adventures.

The Yubo app gives Yubo users the sole authority to send, receive, and pin Rando NFTs via the Yubo platform. Yubo will be offering unique events and live streaming for all the fans of Rando NFT which will also have the option of making a group of the same interest-sharing individuals. July 2022 is the target date for the first exclusive private event.

Crypto Baristas

New Crypto Baristas is indeed a fresh NFT drop designed for those who enjoy their morning cup of joe. Each of the 60 baristas in this set has their own unique idea on how to brew the perfect cup of joe.

It’s not only a new NFT initiative that Crypto Baristas is. A real-world coffee cafe in New York City is the ultimate goal of selling Crypto Baristas NFTs. As a central location for all matters crypto, the shop will act as a gathering place for owners and supporters of Crypto Baristas. The Crypto Baristas group hopes to improve the coffee supply chain’s sustainability in the long term with the help of its business and money. On Rarible, you can buy a Crypto Barista for 0.18 ETH.


If you’re looking for long-term gains, doodles are the biggest NFT drops to buy in right now. The NFT market has been blown away by this 10,000-character collection, which features anything from pickles to ghosts to cats. Scott Martin, the illustrator behind the Doodles, hand-draws each one, making each one unique.

The Doodles project, on the other hand, is always changing. Doodles in Space, a set of ships and other interplanetary accessories, was recently launched by Martin. All current Doodle owners can get this additional NFT drop for free, enhancing the value of existing NFT. Though you can double the revenue if paired with forums like the bitcoin era.

Invisible Friends

From a purely technical standpoint, the Invisible Friends NFT set stands out as one of the most impressive NFT tokens. Every piece of artwork contains a moving image of an anonymous person dressed to the nines and moving in a continuous loop. The foresight and originality of the project’s originator, Markus, are largely responsible for its triumph.

Even if the Invisible Friends series is completely out of stock, you are still able to buy and trade such NFTs on OpenSea. The majority of Invisible Friends can be purchased for about 6-7 ETH, which is equivalent to approximately $20,000 USD.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

This isn’t a new NFT project, but rather an updated version of an existing one. You must use a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT and then introduce it to a container of mutation serum in order to generate a mutant ape. Your bored monkey will be instantly converted into a new digital content art that is both similar and distinct from the original, if you are using it with the combination of trading forum like bitcoin era. 

Up to 20,000 NFTs are included in the Mutant Ape Yacht Club’s collection, some of which can be minted at the public sale. Many of these apes are selling for over 20 ETH on OpenSea, which is not surprising given the popularity of a Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. In terms of dollars, each ape costs more than $60,000.

The Bottom Line 

These five brand-new NFT projects have garnered a lot of attention in a short amount of time and hold a lot of potential for collectors of digital art.

Check at Yubo Randos if you are interested in purchasing NFTs at the moment. There are 10,000 unique Randos available, so you should have no trouble finding one that complements your sense of fashion. In addition, you may begin the process of developing your online community by posting the Rando upon that Yubo app.