Ford Camouflage package Mustang Strolling the streets near the headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, there are good off-road things everywhere. The prototype is equipped with a Warn winch, some roof accessories, and a vent pipe on the A-pillar on the passenger side.

Although it will definitely be cool to see the factory land packaging Mustang, We suspect that what we are seeing here is a series of factory accessories designed to work with Bronco’s modular body system. The highlight of the construction in this regard is the warning winch in front, which we suspect is to highlight one of the Mustang’s party tricks. Ford spared no effort to design a front bumper that can receive warning winches without affecting its safety system.This includes a supplementary program for Bronco’s SRS computer to consider winches when detecting possible frontal collisions in the factory airbag.

These bead-locked wheels, Goodyear all-terrain and additional ride height make this four-door model a Sasquatch-based model, and without any photos of the underbody, we have no reason to believe that this prototype is running with other modified suspensions. Or a new power system.The elevated roof may be covered by a new roof mount from the launch partner Yakima, Or even more complicated things, such as a pop-up roof tent, which will be an overlander theme.

We tend to believe that Ford intends to highlight the winch (and other components mentioned above) through accessory packaging products based on this prototype, similar to jeep Done Wrangler JPP (“Jeep Performance Parts”) 20 Last year, but before we hear more from Ford, we can only guess.


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