Ford’s “Built Wild” outdoor brand 4×4 off-road vehicle Bronco showed off this cool ATV. The Bronco Riptide custom vehicle is designed with the fun of the West Coast of the United States and the personalized accessories supported by the factory in mind.

Following last year’s Bronco OG and Bronco + Filson Wildland Fire Rig Conceptually, the new Bronco Riptide project vehicle is designed for spontaneous outdoor adventures of the coastal type. With the roof closed, the door was removed (replaced with a tubular door) and the surfboard rack and the board above, everything was open and sunny.

The Velocity Blue exterior is designed to evoke tropical ocean tones. Bronco Riptide is equipped with durable marine-grade vinyl decorative seats in black onyx and space gray, and a rubber washed floor, designed for day trips to the beach.

“For this Bronco Riptide project, we imagined a person who likes the open air and Free-spirited West Coast lifestyle. We hope that the vehicle will show how Bronco customers personalize their vehicles, allowing different types of customers to imagine what they might want to do with their future Bronco,” said Missy Coolsaet, Bronco color and material designer.

based on Ford Mustang four doors and Savage Package For additional off-road capabilities, Riptide is equipped with 35-inch mud tires mounted on original 17-inch wheels and optional Ford Performance lock rings, Dana AdvanTEK electronic locking front and rear axles, and a high-clearance suspension system with Bilstein. Sensitive long-stroke shock absorber.

Of course, there is also the standard Bronco terrain management system, with seven GOAT (traversing any type of terrain) modes, designed for different off-road situations.

Riptide showed customers many Ford parts available to customers at its dealers, where customers can add the cost of parts installed by factories and dealers to their financing. The options seen here include a Bestop mesh Bimini top, a Yakima bike rack with Santa Cruz mountain bikes, and off-road lights with rigid LED light bars and rear-view mirror mounting.

The front steel bumper of Riptide is a prototype. Like the two Almond surfboards, the Bronco design team proposed two prototype crossbars bolted to the sports pole to show how to easily install the overhead frame without disturbing the soft top.If the jungle suits you better, check this out Land concept.

This Bronco is powered by a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 turbocharger with a power of 310 horsepower/542 Nm, equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission, equipped with Trail Control, Trail One-Pedal Drive and Trail Turn Assist. There is also a 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine (270 hp/420 Nm), which has a seven-speed manual option. This four-door version is new, as well as a more traditional two-door version.

Although the sixth-generation Bronco is Announced in July 2020, Only produce Started in Michigan in June this yearThe early birds of the United States are now gaining their highly anticipated rebirth idols.

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