Thousands of new, unsellable pictures Ford The F-150, which is parked in large numbers in at least three states, expresses a semiconductor shortage in terms of physical and financial aspects. Ford’s pain is particularly terrible.CEO Jim Farley says Ford’s nine layers 1 The supplier relies on chips from a single-chip manufacturer that broke out in a fire in its clean room. This break in the supply chain is breaking the knees of Ford star players. Earlier this month, Detroit Free Press According to reports, the automaker has purchased a batch of chips that can transport thousands of trucks. to Dealer And keep the production line running. right now, Car news report Ford is discussing shipping ideas with dealers truck Before installing the chip. Any dealer who receives this type of vehicle will receive training on how to install the hardware by the service personnel, and receive nearly an hour of return for each vehicle. repairThis is just a current idea. If it becomes a reality, only dealers who agree to the plan can receive unfinished trucks.

Before having a chance to leave the whiteboard, a series of important questions require satisfactory answers.The dealer does not want to be obligated to pay and Insured They can’t sell the trucks on the vans, and more importantly, don’t know when they can be sold. People who make money and lose money hate these scenarios. Some dealers are also cautious about taking responsibility for such repairs. Chips that are important enough to prevent trucks from selling without these chips will control important, perhaps numerous systems. If there are any problems in the future, the client and his lawyer will carefully check all potential connections with the chip installed by the distributor.

Ford F series Compared with 2020, sales as of the end of June have fallen by only 1.5%. however, F-150 Compared with 2020, sales in June fell by 26.9%, and these figures are related to the pandemic year.considering New car In view of the astronomical demand in the current market, Ford was very active in arguing with dealers until they reached a mutually beneficial agreement to minimize the delay between the completion of the truck and the sale of the truck. And to be sure, Ford is tired of paying for places like Kentucky Speedway to park its Golden Goose.A Ford spokesperson will only tell Car news, “We are exploring many different options as we strive to allow our customers and distributors to obtain their New car ASAP. “


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