Ford Makes the on-board generator available for multiple variants The latest F-150 Let workers run power tools when they are off the grid. One use case that engineers might not have thought of is helping newlyweds to dance through the night.

Rachna Nanda Kumar and Vetrivel Chandrasekaran married in Farmington Hills, Michigan on a rainy day in August. According to reports, the big storm delayed the reception by about two hours. Detroit Free Press, But it’s clearing, and the wedding party begins.Did not last: the power went out at around 10 o’clock in the evening

“I thought,’Oh, nonsense,’ but then we heard the generator across the street keep running,” Chandra Secaran recalled. It is impossible to borrow generators. So run an extension cord from it to power the wedding.

Until another guest said: “Yo, I have a F-150, I can plug it in. “

In the automotive world, the term “generator” no longer refers to the much criticized predecessor of the alternator; it now refers to a system that provides useful power. Hybrid and non-hybrid versions of F-150 can be ordered with an onboard generator called Pro Power Onboard, the output of which depends on Truck Specification. Non-hybrid models provide 2 kilowatts of power, this number increases to 2.4 Hybrid supercharging modelAlternatively, buyers who choose gasoline-electric trucks can order the powerful 7.2 kW system.

It is not known which generator is installed in the guest’s truck, but it provides enough power to power the tent lights, music, and sound system with speakers, amplifiers and microphones. According to the Detroit Free Press, most other customers were surprised, but the owner who worked for Ford knew exactly what his truck could do. Company owner Jim Farley (Jim Farley) posted a video of the event on his official Twitter account.

“That F-150 plug saved the day,” Chandra Secaran said.

Ford’s popular trucks have stepped in before to keep the lights on. In early 2022, a winter storm caught Texas and its power grid by surprise. Several F-150 owners Use their pickup to power their home. Ford later Instruct its distributor In Lone Star State, lent trucks equipped with generators to communities in need.

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