Just in time for Woodward’s dream journey and celebrating the past represented by Woodward, Ford Walk into the closet and take out two ice white suits for 2022 Mustang Coupe and 2022 Mustang Mach-EOfficially called ice white exterior suits, they fully meet its requirements-painted white paint, badges, leather and accents on two models.bleach recall this Triple Vibrant White Feature Mustang from 1993, A monochromatic gift of the Fox body. Ford only produced 1,500 Triple Whites, and they were only used in convertibles. This is the first time a Mustang coupe has cracks on the light side.

Available on GT and EcoBoost, the two-door coupe is painted with Oxford white paint, is decorated with matching Oxford white badges on the front and back, and is mounted on unique 19-inch wheels of the same hue with machined pockets. Internally, Ford decided not to go back to 1993. Except for the dashboard, the original Feature Mustang was white everywhere. The 2022 model uses white inserts in black leather seats, white inserts in door cards, white cross stitches and white finishes on the dashboard.

On Mach-E, only high-end decorations are eligible to play this dress.Electric cross Wearing Star White Metallic Tri-Coat, the front and back of the badge are Oxford white. The wheel is opposite to the pattern seen on the coupe, and the 19-inch rim surface has white pockets. We guess that Ford sees Mach-E buyers as a design-led group of people, because there is more white in the cabin-actually space gray, and we were told to completely cover the seats, as well as the center console. And handrails. On the dashboard, stitched white leather trim is mixed with bright silver hexagonal pattern metal trim.

Forget about taking one to Woodward this year, though. Orders for these two models will not be open until this fall, and will not enter the showroom until early 2022. This may be a good thing-anyway, you shouldn’t wear white clothes after Labor Day. Oh, and Ford also produced Triple Canary Yellow Feature Mustangs in 1993, so don’t be surprised if they also make a particularly comeback.

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