It’s time to race with the SUV, at least that’s Ford Performance racing school is up.Ford Performance has just introduced this heavily modified Explorer ST This will be used in the courses of the racing school. You can also check it out for yourself during this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise on the upcoming Saturday.

Through the tuning of HP Tuners, more power can be obtained, but Ford did not disclose how much ST is currently produced.this Explorer ST produces 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque at the factory, so expect more.

Considering how low the Explorer is compared to inventory, the suspension work seems to be done. However, Ford did not provide us with details.It will definitely have better grip than before, because Ford somehow fits the Michelin with a width of 315 knots pilot Sports cup 2 Four corners of tires. In addition, these tires are wrapping Signature Wheels’ new “Track Series” wheels. Aviation work doesn’t look too intense, but the front bumper looks like a large splitter is fixed.

The ability to drag the quality of being an explorer to a halt is improved brake. Ford just pulled Shelby GT500 The 16.5-inch rotor works here, while six-piston Brembo calipers are responsible for clamping. In the driving school, safety is the most important, so it also has a fully welded safety cage. In addition, the four new Recaro bucket seats can accommodate four people and are compatible with four-point safety belts. There is no need to roll down the windows, because Ford replaced all windows with racing window netting.

Obviously there is more. Ford Performance calls this Explorer “work in progress”, so it sounds like it can push the Explorer to a higher limit.

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