new Ford Mustang Mach-E Chief Engineer Donna Dickson stopped Provided by the video blogging studio of former Ford engineer Sandy Munro In an episode of Munro Live, she shared some fascinating tidbits about the upcoming electric cars cross.

The big news is that there will be a series of updates for each of the next three model years.Currently, the Mach-E series has a minimum cruising range of 211 miles on the basic trim with AWD and standard range Battery, Up to 305 miles California Highway 1 with rear drive and extended range battery.

“It’s improving year by year,” Dixon told Munro. “Therefore, we will take more scope improvement measures in 22, we will take more measures in 23, and more measures in 24.”

She is shy about how much scope engineers want to add each year and how they do it, but this will go beyond software and battery chemistry changes. Dixon said: “We know that we have to lose weight to improve these numbers.”

Some weight reduction will come from removing some components and replacing others.For example, when Monroe himself Remove the rear motor of Mach-E, He found a mechanical pawl for parking brake. When he opened the suitcase, He found a bundle of hoses It could have been attached to the mouse king. There are four pumps on the front of the vehicle, two of which are used to cool the motor. Dickson said that all of these drill bits are installed in known quantities that can withstand the life of the car and are what the engineer thinks is needed. With the actual data returned to the team, she said they have planned to get rid of a pump, redesign the “over-engineered” hose situation, and replace the pawl with an electronic parking brake.

The scope discussion starts at approximately 26 minutes. However, in the total time of nearly 39 minutes, Munro and Dickson talked far beyond the scope.Improvements Ford The plan started in front of Mach-E, and Dixon explained how Environmental Protection Agency Regulations affected the design of the frunk and prevented the automatic release of the hood. Then she said that the OTA update will add an automatic version for each Mach-E that has been delivered. Anyone interested in Mach-E should give the whole thing a look.


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