Ford once again announced that it will reduce production at its Cologne plant in Germany.according to Car weekThis is due to a pandemic-related failure of a Malaysian semiconductor manufacturer that caused delivery problems for another door module supplier.

“Due to the discontinuation of production by semiconductor manufacturers, Ford Fiesta Production at our Cologne plant will be suspended from August 23 to 28,” a Ford spokesperson told European Automotive News“We are resuming production as soon as possible.”

Due to chip tightening, the Carnival production line has been suspended many times since May. Due to the shortage of door modules, workers who have just returned from the one-month “factory holiday” are required to shorten their working hours by two weeks starting on August 17. “It may take longer” because the supply flow is still uncertain.

Blue Oval employs approximately 15,000 employees at its Cologne plant (its European headquarters), of which 5,000 manage the carnival production line. Others are engaged in development, management, etc. Ford’s second location in Germany is Saarlouis in Saarland.

It is unclear whether this is related to the semiconductor supplier in Muar, Johor, which has been closed for several weeks.Close may meet National Recovery Plan (NRP) Rules to close factories in non-essential categories (including automobile production).

Bosch China Vice President Xu Daquan (also known as David Xu) said that Bosch’s ESP/IPB, VCU, TCU and other types of chip manufacturing capacity will be severely affected, and it is expected that the supply will be significantly reduced in the rest of August. He also pointed out that more than 3,000 workers in the Muar factory were affected by the recent shutdown.

There are more than 50 semiconductor manufacturers in Malaysia, among which Bosch is one of the well-known brands that keep pace with Intel, Infineon, NXP and Texas Instruments. The local packaging and testing capacity here accounts for about 13% of the total global production capacity.


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