Ford Returning Rebel Rally Have a complete host in 2021 Broncos And the new driver. If you haven’t heard of it before, the Rebelle Rally is an all-female cross-country rally that takes place in difficult terrain for several days. This year’s game was held in the Western Desert, starting near the Hoover Dam and ending in the Empire Sand Dunes of California.

last year, Ford can only bring Mustang Sports Go to the party. Big Mustang is out nowHowever, Ford has two Wildtrak and four wastelands ready to race. Professional rally teams Shelby Hall (driver) and Penny Dale (navigator) will drive 2-Door, and employees of 4Wheel Parts (off-road parts supplier) will drive 4-Door.Professional off-road riders Melissa Fischer and Cora Jokinen will be in Mustang Sports wasteland.

Both 2-Door and Bronco Sport will retain inventory for rally racing, but 4-Door will be equipped with a series of accessories from 4Wheel Parts. This seems correct because Bronco is driven by women who work for the company. The only change that other Broncos will see is the removal of Ford’s route map and any built-in navigation devices-part of the game is the ability to navigate the correct route.

“No. 1 The obstacle for Rebelle is your navigation, but the terrain will undoubtedly challenge the vehicle and these competitive women,” said Jovina Young, Bronco Sport marketing manager. “This is a great event to showcase Bronco and these female off-road vehicles. Ability under the worst conditions. “

The paintwork you see on all three cars has been affected Mustang 4600, This is a mustang participating in the ULTRA4 cross-country series. This year’s Rebelle Rally will kick off in October, so please look for the results at that time.

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