Active ingredients are the cornerstone of first-class skin care procedures, but the help of high-tech tools will bring more skin-promoting benefits. Case: Foreo’s Luna Mini 3 device. Whether you are a novice or an experienced skin care enthusiast, the foundation of proper maintenance—and ultimately, your best skin—starts with proper cleansing.and this Best Beauty Award Tools improved my regimen in the least daunting way.

I admit that sometimes, I just wash my face once a day.If I don’t have makeup or stay at home all day, I will clean with detergent Wash your face When I take a shower.On hot days, when my skin becomes sticky due to dampness, I add extra Double clean Before going to bed. This helps break down the dirt and grease accumulated throughout the day. But there is a cleaning tool that can increase motivation to ensure that my night routine happens.

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Using Luna Mini 3 reminds me of the days when facial treatments performed by professionals are my staples of luxury from time to time.I can use this tool at home to remove the residue of the day and relax, before going to bed Facial massage. I just need to make sure that when I’m addicted to transformation, I don’t use too much force.

“Exfoliating excessively, you may create tiny cracks in the skin barrier, leading to more water loss and inflammation,” Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at the Department of Dermatology, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Told before Lure.

Fortunately, the device has been redesigned to ensure that this does not happen (more on this later). Like other devices in the Foreo product line, Mini Luna 3 has silicone bristles and is powered by sound vibrations.The difference between this tool and its predecessors is that the bristles are softer and the cleaning is gentler (if you have Sensitive skin Or wash your face several times a day). Although the bristles may be softer, they are also longer-so you can get deeper cleaning in less time. This version also uses the “luminous enhancement mode”, that is, the cleaning is scheduled for 30 seconds, after which the device will automatically shut down.


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