We have entered the knockout stage, and the defending World Cup champion France is still the favorite to win the 2022 European Cup.

In addition to the surprising draw with Hungary in the hot Budapest weather, the French seemed to have reached the top spot of the toughest European Cup team effortlessly. The impression they leave is that they can press the switch to attack the chainsaw at any time.

And believes that the Frenchman won the first place in the group without Kylian Mbappe goals or assists in three games. Of course, it would help to have Karim Benzema back, and they would be happy that he did not score (two games against Portugal). The inspired Paul Pogba is quietly winning the recognition of the team’s MVP, passing the ball from his midfield position.

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On the other hand, Switzerland operates on different levels of football’s existence. “Nati” has achieved the minimum goal of qualifying for the group. The ultimate goal of the Swiss is to win the elimination round of the first major game since the 1938 World Cup.

But no one in the country expects them to beat the French team. Doing so will constitute the biggest upset for these euros, even bigger than the Czech Republic’s elimination of the Dutch team on Sunday.

How the Swiss hurt France

Hungary will be a role model for the Swiss. The Hungarians also set up a five-man defense. They had the advantage in the game against Pogba. Their only goal suddenly rushed in and surprised the French team.

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The problem is that Switzerland cannot contain or really hurt the only elite team so far. In the 3-0 loss to Italy in the group stage, the loopholes in the Swiss defense are often exposed by the Italians dribbling the ball over the top or running into space. The Swiss defender lost track of the runner and was easily pulled out of position. The video of the game may make the French attackers salivate on the prospect.

Considering the possibility of their disadvantage and their defense always giving up scoring opportunities, there is a view that Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic should let his players play against France: strike out and try to use high pressure. Frighten France, no one will see.

French Achilles’ Heel

If Blair Embolo, Harris Sefrovich and Sergey Shaqiri (pictured below), the three Swiss fronts, play in their game, they may cause trouble for the French defense and they can be defeated. .

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The full-back position-Lucas Hernandez or Lucas Digne on the left, Benjamin Pavard on the right-is widely regarded as the weakness of the French, the central defender Rafael Vala Nei was also criticized for occasional defensive errors.

But even so, Les Bleus only conceded one goal in three games, against Hungary. They also have N’Golo Kante patrolling the space in front of the back line, which is the best safety blanket in global football.

France vs. Switzerland: odds and predictions

This version of France, led by Didier Deschamps, is known for not working hard before it is absolutely necessary. The game against Switzerland should remain true and spend the least amount of money to ensure a comfortable victory.

In this case, this may prove the opportunity of French star Mbappé (so far only 0.9 expected goals per FBref), he only stands out because of the unallowable goals, and uses this opportunity to pass by. The ball or assist made his name appear on the score sheet. There are some interesting odds in this regard.

If Switzerland can also join the board and make things interesting, it will constitute a slight surprise in this game. If you are sure that there is a Swiss goal in this team, then “both teams scored” is valuable.

prophecy: France 2, Switzerland 1

Odds provided by DraftKings

  • France wins (90 minutes): -162
  • France advances: -455
  • Lucky draw (90 minutes): +270
  • Switzerland wins (90 minutes): +550
  • Switzerland advances: +340
  • France scored first and won: -134
  • Two teams score: +115
  • France won, the two teams scored: +320
  • Kylian Mbappe score: +175
  • Mbappe or Griezmann assists: +125

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