Marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) on Sunday urged French voters to make history by letting her anti-immigration National Unity Party take control of the south in the last national election before she opposed Emmanuel Macron. Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The presidential election next year.

Her Provence candidate Thierry Mariani– Who caused the controversy By supporting Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria and defending Russia’s occupation of Crimea-leading the first round of voting in the regional elections a week ago, and hoping to win the second round of voting. RN has never won control of the French region, despite its success in towns and cities in local elections.

“You can make history on Sunday. Vote!” Mariani Say on twitterIn the first round of voting, only one-third of French voters participated in the vote, especially RN voters left, Le Pen also Urge her supporters “Mobilize in an unprecedented way: don’t let the election be stolen.”

But the extreme right RN’s overall performance in the first round was worse than expected In the 13 main regions of France and Mariani Facing a unified “Republican Front” After the main green leftist candidate in Provence withdrew and placed the support of his coalition on the center-right incumbent Renaud Muselier, this would try to deprive him of power.

An Ifop-Fiducial poll last week showed that Museliel will win the two-way race with a 51% to 49 advantage.

The clear winners in the first round were France’s left- and center-right parties, the Socialist Party, and the Republican Party. Four years ago, Macron’s unexpected victory in the presidential and legislative elections surprised them, but now they may control most or all of the regions they already operate, even though regional power is mainly limited to transportation policy and education.

The French Green Party-Europe Écologie-Les Verts-has also performed strongly in the recent elections, and hopes to seize control of the west from the center and right under the leadership of former Macron supporter Matthew Alfilin and his left-wing allies. Control of the Pays de la Loire area.

Macron’s Marche Republic is a centrist party established in 2016 to push him to power the following year, but his performance in the first round was even worse than expected, winning only one-tenth of the vote, even in the first round. Failed to qualify for the second round of the region in four games.

According to senior officials, he will seek to revitalize the weakened party and is expected to announce a government reorganization in the coming weeks. Some people say that Macron and his consultants need to learn from the first round of results. “This is a real wake-up call, and we should come to the consequences.”

On the center-right, in Charles de Gaulle’s Fifth Republic, most French presidents have provided this spirit, and so far, the strong performance of candidates in regional elections has boosted morale.

In the northern region of Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand Violation of prediction And defeated his RN competitors-he boasted of “shattering their jaws”-and Laurent Wauquiez of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in the southeast and Valérie Pécresse of Ile-de-France also took the lead.

Political analysts say that because each of the three regional leaders and others have presidential ambitions, the main risk for the center-right is that the movement may not be able to agree on a joint candidate to challenge Macron and Le Pen next year.

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