Last week, Toyota celebrated 50 million sales Its bread and butter model Corolla. As the crown jewel in the company’s lineup (after all, it means “little crown” in Latin), it has become the world’s best-selling nameplate for 24 consecutive years, consolidating its position as one of the automotive giants.

Of course, reaching this milestone is a global effort-including Malaysia, where Corolla is The first Toyota to be assembled locallyThe Japanese car manufacturer responded to the government’s invitation in 1965 to cooperate with Champion Motors, which had just set up an assembly plant in Shah Alam, to produce CKD cars here. It was later renamed Assembly Services Sdn Bhd (ASSB). The factory was acquired by Toyota He Shun Holdings in 1982 and is still in use today.

The first generation E10 Corolla was one of the first models manufactured at Champion Motors in 1968. The plant had the highest output in the country in the early years and initially assembled cars for some other automakers. By the 1970s, Toyota was the number one car brand in Malaysia, and the humble family car was its best-selling model. Although the sedan is the most popular variant, station wagons and sporty Liftback body styles are also sold here, and the latter even participated in local rallies.

As an entry-level model, Corolla enjoyed an affordable price before the emergence of domestic car companies; it was also reliable and economical, making it a popular means of transportation. However, as the expectations of Malaysian customers increased, the car became more and more complex, leading to the launch of the ninth-generation E120 in 2001-the first with the Altis suffix, indicating an increase in quality and size.

Although it is now above the Vios in Toyota’s local lineup, its successor Tenth generation E140It has become the best-selling generation to date, with approximately 40,000 sold between 2006 and 2013. Between 2010 and 2020, Corolla accounted for approximately 6% of Toyota’s sales in Malaysia. All in all, about 300,000 units were sold in this country, accounting for a considerable part of the 50 million units sold worldwide.

Fifty-three years have passed and Corolla continues to inspire buyer loyalty. 63% of customers bought a newer model when it was launched, and nearly one-third of customers bought additional Corolla for their families. The last-generation rear-wheel drive model, the fourth-generation E70, has also gained fanatical followers as a popular drift car due to its economy and durability.

Corolla has also introduced new technologies with each generation. For example, the E70 was the first vehicle to receive the then-new automatic electrodeposition (ED) process from the Shah Alam factory in the late 1970s for the application of primer, which significantly improved corrosion resistance. E120 was the first CKD model of its kind to provide stability control at that time.This The latest 12th generation E210 Built on Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) and equipped with Toyota Safety Sense driver assistance system package.

The arrival of the nameplate has entered a new era this year Corolla Cross, Responding to the rapidly increasing demand for SUVs.Currently imported from Thailand, crossover Will be assembled locally Later this year, Possibility to add mixed variants mix. The ordinary Corolla imported from Thailand since 2008 may also follow suit.

“The success of this model can be attributed to it becoming a new standard for this type of car’s excellent automotive performance, providing customers with a dynamic premium car with luxurious styling. The safety is also higher, and the model is more environmentally friendly.

“From the beginning, every generation has contributed to the brand transformation. From the first generation that started to provide mobility for the public to the latest generation as the basis for transformation, Corolla has been keeping pace with the changes in Malaysian society and economy,” he According to Ravindran Kurusamy, President of Shun Toyota Motor.

Chairman Akio Takeyama added: “The Corolla is a global high-quality car that transcends class, as always. It has brought the joy of ownership to tens of thousands of customers in Malaysia for more than 50 years and more than 12 generations. .”

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