Written by Meredith Bartolo Pappas

Poetry can be serious, but these books are very stupid! Some are laugh-out-loud crap, while others are full of smart giggles, but they’ll keep your kids engaged in poetry even if they’ve never liked poetry before.

1. Frankenstein makes sandwiches
The Poetry and Art of Adam Rex
What a wonderful time! With funny and clever poetry, plus fantastic drawings of all your favorite creepy creatures, this book is sure to be a hit with any undead fan. The poems are joyous and not scary, even though their subject is monsters.

2. Feast of the Beast

Poems and Paintings by Douglas Florian
This collection of short poems is filled with laughter about animals you know and love, such as the “Walrus” walrus and the “Rude” barracuda. Douglas Florian’s simple poems and paintings won’t disappoint, so if you like this one, be sure to check out his full collection.

3. Wild Symphony
Poems by Dan Brown, illustrated by Susan Bathory
Can wild animals create a symphony of sounds? In the book’s fun animal-based poems, they do! The poetry collection ends with an entire wildlife orchestra, filled with goofy poetry and lovely pictures along the way.

4. See The Bold Umbrella (and Other Poems)
Poems by Jack Prelutsky, illustrations by Carin Berger run through this playful and silly play on words in this collection of poems. Jack Prelutsky has a whole collection of poems for kids, so if this one intrigues you, check out his other books, including Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face.

5. buckle!wrinkle

Poems by Alice Shettle, illustrated by Petra Mathers
A lovely book of poetry that will make you laugh when you imagine your wardrobe coming to life. Every silly poem is written in the voice of a different outfit, including the always hilarious frilled underwear. How can you not laugh? !

I’m just not good at rhyming: other crap for naughty kids and immature adults
Poems by Chris Harris, illustrated by Ryan Smith
Absurdity is this silly book of hilarious poetry with captivating art. While all the verses in this poem may not appeal to everyone, the book is full of silliness, so you might find some real laughing moments along the way.

7. Edward Lear’s Nonsense

Edward Lear’s Bullshit, edited by Holbrook Jackson
Every book of humorous poetry must contain something from the inventor of limericks, Edward Lear, one of the best “nonsense makers” to date. This book is a complete collection of Edward Lear’s nonsense, from long poems to quick limericks, that the whole family can enjoy.

silly poems for kids
8. nonsense

The limericks of Edward Lear, illustrated by Atonina Novarese
If Edward Lear’s complete works are too much or not enough, try this book, which contains 40 of his funniest limericks. The whimsical, colorful art really captures the feel of the words and makes this book a lot of fun.

9. tap dancing on the roof

The poetry of Linda Sue Park and the art of Istvan Banyai
Giggling while learning a form of Korean poetry called Sijo. Similar to Haiku’s brevity and subtlety, these witty poems make everyday things interesting. A truly enjoyable way to keep growing your poetry collection and knowledge.

A Flock of Dragons: And Over 13.8 Billion Funny Poems
Poems and Black and White Paintings by Vikram Madan
Filled with hilarious and fun ways to see and write poetry, this funny poetry collection is a wonderful addition to any interesting poetry collection. Witty, quirky, and clever, don’t sleep on this book of poetry or you’ll miss out on a string of dragon-sized laughter! Limericks, Sijo, fill-in-the-blank questions and all kinds of funny crap abound!

Long, short and in between can help foster a love of poetry while promoting belly laughs. What are your family’s favorite fun poetry books?

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Meredith is a licensed teacher with nearly two decades of educational experience. Her specialties are holistic learning, early literacy and social-emotional development. She is also a reading expert, artist and mother of two. She loves all things bookish, magical, and cozy. Find her on sharingcircleeducation.com and Instagram @sharingcircleeducation.

silly poems for kids

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