Gabriel Union is booming – I really enjoy seeing it.

With summer only a few weeks away, the actor graced our Instagram feed on May 5 with four of the cutest bikini photos I’ve ever seen, and suddenly I’m craving sunshine and a walk outside. Staring at the camera, Union sits with his legs crossed, his right hand resting on his head.

this come on The actor wore no makeup, her chocolate twist pulled into a loose bun atop her head. Some of the longer strands fell from her back and flowed in the wind.

Let’s talk about those poses first, because wow. In the second photo, we see a side view of her body, below her chest (grunts) as she gazes out at the cloudy sky. In the third photo, she has a big smile and glowing skin, and in the fourth photo she gives us even more smiles. Those abs though – can she drop the core routine?because she is tone.

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