This is not something you see every day in football: a player receives a red card for hitting his teammate with his head and swinging.

It took place in the Turkish Premier League game on Monday, Galatasaray is one of the biggest clubs in the league. With Galatasaray 2-0 against Gireson Sports, Brazilian central defender Macau sprinted from his defensive position and rushed towards his teammate, 22-year-old winger Kerem Akturkoglu.

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Before his teammates intervened, Macao continued to hit him with his head and waved his arms twice. The referee watched the video replay, and then directly expelled the red card to Macau.

Watch the entire sequence here:

This Game rules (page 106) It is clear that violent behavior, even if it is against teammates, will be punished with a red card: “Violence refers to the use or attempt to use excessive force or barbarity by a player against an opponent without scrambling, or against teammates, team officials, or game players. Officials, spectators, or anyone else, whether or not they have made contact.”

It is not clear what triggered Macau’s reaction. As for Kerem, he was replaced after two minutes, and Galatasaray coach Fatih Trim appeared on the sidelines to comfort him.Trim talked about the incident after the game and said that the team Will handle this internally.

After this strange red card, the previous incident involving Marcao resurfaced in a friendly match against Turkish under-19 teams last year. Markau allegedly slapped, but no video of the quarrel was made public.

The 25-year-old Macau moved to Galatasaray in January 2019 after playing for Brazil (Atlético Paraná, Atletico Goianese) and Portugal (Avenue Rio, Chavez). In his previous two and a half seasons with the club, he played a total of 80 games. The game against Giresunspor was the season opener of the Premier League for Galatasaray.

Reports from Turkey indicate that Macau is the recent transfer target of the Russian club Dynamo Moscow. The Russian transfer window will not close until October 17.


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