Ah, nostalgia. People like it. There are many such things in hockey nowadays.

ESPN re-reports hockey As the right holder (together with Turner) after a 16-year hiatus.Commissioner Gary Bettman announced on Monday The annual Stanley Cup final press conference The network will report on Kraken’s extended draft on July 21 and the first round of the 2022 NHL draft on July 23, thus starting to return.

On Tuesday, the network announced the lineup for the upcoming NHL season. It showcases a diverse cast, including Olympic gold medalists Hilary Knight, AJ Mleczko and Cassie Campbell-Pascal, Stanley Cup champions Mark Messier and Chris Celios, as well as some Linda Cohen, John Butch Gross, Barry Melrose, John Butch Gross, Steve Levy and Ray Ferraro.

However, out of nostalgia, it lacks a key figure: Gary Thorne.

Thorne was the mainstay of ESPN reporting at the time, and he played for the network, including the 1993-04 Stanley Cup final (except for Fox TV in 1995). He called the Rangers 54 years of drought in 1994 and won the Red Wings Cup in 1997.

Until recently, the 73-year-old has played the Orioles on MASN from 2007 to 2019. After contract disputes stopped him from broadcasting in 2020, his contract was not renewed in January 2022.

Therefore, when ESPN’s list did not include one of the iconic voices of hockey (which seems to be nothing to do now), the fans expressed their dissatisfaction.

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