When we talk about NEO, we also talk about GAS. The two different tokens cannot be seen separately. NEO is the network to build on and GAS in the token used to do all transactions on this platform.

However, the two tokens can be purchased and used separately. Both are available on exchanges and have their own properties. In this article I will therefore tell you more about the GAS coin. We will discuss the use case, the GAS forecast and the historical course. What will the GAS crypto do?

What is GAS?

GAS is the fuel on the NEO network that keeps everything running. For every action on the network, costs must be paid and this must be settled in the GAS coin. Think of the execution of transactions or the costs of creating a smart contract.

With each new block on the network, GAS is also created. This is a mechanism on the network to let people keep their tokens in the official wallets. NEO is a proof of stake mechanism, which means that people who contribute to the security of the platform with their NEO tokens will receive a reward in the form of GAS.

This sounds complicated, but GAS has to be paid for all activities on the network. As long as you have your NEO in the intended wallets, you will automatically receive a part of these GAS revenues. This will be credited to your wallet and you can withdraw and sell it whenever you want.

This mechanism makes NEO an interesting token to build a passive income. By HODLing and keeping your tokens in a wallet you will automatically receive GAS crypto as a reward. You have to own quite a bit to be able to live off it or something like that, but an extra is always nice, right?

GAS is a tradable token, which means you can buy and sell it at any time. This applies to the GAS that you receive as a reward, but of course also to the GAS that you buy from an exchange. Is NEO okay? It will then become busier on the network and thus the demand for GAS will increase. As an investor, you can anticipate this by purchasing the utility token in the ‘low periods’.

Is the NEO network then used more and has the GAS price increased as a result? Then your earned GAS has also increased in value. You can follow the current GAS price live below.

What does the GAS price do?

NEO started in September 2015 with a total of 100 million tokens. The GAS coin started with a supply of 0 and slowly distributed and came into the world via the newly generated blocks on the NEO network. The current GAS price is $ 2.90.

NEO was first called Antshares. The tokens continued under the name NEO GAS in 2017. We can clearly see that the first listing of AGS was in August 2017. At that time you could buy the token for about $2. Immediately afterwards in the bull market, the value rose enormously and then collapsed again.

The GAS All Time High is at a value of $ 91.94 (January 15, 2018). It has been a total of 1706 days since this rate was reached. Since the start of the GAS NEO project, it has a market cap of $ 40,420,185 and is in place 455 of largest crypto projects.

You mention this historical data because it can help you form your opinion about the GAS crypto. If you know exactly how the price has moved, you can determine how high you estimate the chance that it will rise again in the future. Below you will therefore find the GAS price chart.

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What is the GAS forecast for 2022 – 2027?

It is very difficult to draw up an exact GAS price forecast. This belongs to the world of cryptocurrency, because nothing is certain. Matters such as the use case, the development of NEO and of course the crypto market in general are decisive for this.

In terms of the use case, it is clear that the fate of GAS is tied to that of NEO. If NEO is doing well, then the GAS value is also going well. NEO is also referred to as the Ethereum of China and with the strict regulations in hand, there are still those who expect the project to capture a large market share there.

The NEO team works together with the government there, which is a big advantage over crypto projects that don’t. I must also say that the market in China alone is not enough to become a worldwide success. For that, the product must also catch on in the rest of the world, as was the case in 2018.

The mechanism of earning GAS by staking NEO is very interesting. If you’re already interested in NEO, the GAS reward can convince you to buy it and keep it for the long term. Often a big problem with cryptocurrency is that people want to sell it again quickly. If that happens with NEO, you will also lose your reward.

If we look at the GAS forecast for 2022, this remains difficult to predict. In such a short term, the overall crypto market is the most important factor. A bull or bear market largely determines the price of the cryptocurrency.

If we look further ahead at the GAS crypto forecast for 2027, this is already something different. The messages differ, but there is still a nice group of people who expect NEO to really grow in China and other countries. Does that happen? Then the potential for the GAS price is very high.

Nothing is certain, let me put that first. We have already seen large increases in the past and will NEO be a success? Then the GAS price may reach new heights again. In 2018, the price also went from $2 to well above $80 within a few months.

Historical Price for Gas

Date Open Close High Low Volume

What is the use of the GAS coin?

We’ve mentioned it many times in this article, so we can be brief about it. GAS is the currency on the NEO network that keeps everything running. Transactions on the network are paid with the coin and security is also guaranteed by the Proof of Stake mechanism.

The coin once started with a supply of 0. If we look at the scarcity, we see that this is different now. The current supply is 13,935,116 GAS and the maximum GAS supply is 100,000,000 GAS.

In the past 24 hours, the exchange rate difference of GAS 1.70% and in the last seven days that was 18.98%. In my opinion, it is important to be well aware of this data because it can reveal interesting trends in both the short and long term.

Huidige supply 13,935,116 GAS Maximale supply 100,000,000 GAS
% difference 24h 1.70% % difference 7D 18.98%

Where to buy GAS

You can earn GAS by staking your NEO. So if you want GAS you can consider buying NEO and making it available for rewards. Buying GAS as an investment is a lot easier via exchanges. You can do this on Bitvavo, for example. This exchange even pays out your GAS reward if you make NEO available on the network to stake Bitvavo.

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The latest GAS news

In this article we have already mentioned a number of important things that will hopefully help you with your research into the GAS forecast. Hopefully the connection with NEO is now clear and you also know how the historical price and the GAS crypto work. The final factor in this story is today’s GAS news.

Do you always know exactly what is going on with the project? Then you can make better choices about the future. By following the GAS news on Twitter, for example, you know exactly when something will change, but also how actively the team is still working on the project.