Detroit– General Motors And its Cruise robot taxi subsidiary has filed a lawsuit to stop Ford The two companies said on Saturday that they had never used the name “BlueCruise” to promote their hands-free driving technology.

In a statement issued shortly after midnight Detroit time, General Motors Alleged that Ford infringed GM’s Super Cruise by using the BlueCruise name trademark, And the Cruise trademark.

GM stated in the statement: “Although GM had hoped to resolve trademark infringement issues amicably with Ford, we have no choice but to vigorously defend our brand and protect the rights and interests that our products and technologies have won in the market over the years. “.

In a lawsuit filed on Friday, General Motors stated that the automaker had engaged in “prolonged discussions” on the matter but failed to resolve the dispute.

General Motors claimed trademark infringement and unfair competition in the lawsuit. no. 1 The US automaker has asked the court to order a ban on Ford’s use of the BlueCruise name and unspecified damages.

Ford called the lawsuit in California federal court “worthless and meaningless.”

Ford said in a statement: “For decades, drivers have understood what cruise control is, and every car manufacturer provides it, and’cruise’ is a common shorthand for this ability.” “That’s why BlueCruise was chosen. This is the reason for the name of Blue Oval’s next-generation Ford intelligent adaptive cruise control system.”

Automakers are racing to deploy technologies that enable drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel in traffic jams or on highways.So-called advanced driver assistance systems, such as Tesla’s Semi-automatic Autopilot technology should not allow the driver to be completely out of driving for a long time.

For decades, automakers have used the term cruise to describe cruise control systems that allow the driver to set the speed at which the car will maintain, usually when driving on a highway.

“Ford knows what it is doing,” General Motors said in the lawsuit. “Ford decided to reshape the brand by using the core logo it uses General Motors and Cruise It will inevitably cause confusion. “

General Motors announced in 2012 that it would use the name Super Cruise as its hands-free driver assistance technology, and has been marketing the technology under that name since 2017.

Cruise of General Motors Holdings Self-driving car The device has been in operation since 2013.

Ford announced that it will use the name BlueCruise -14 is its hands-free driving technology in April this year.

(Reporting by Joe White; additional reporting by Ben Klayman, editing by Himani Sarkar and Clelia Oziel)

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