Incubator modern Ioniq 5 introduced the Electric Group modular platform to the world-the dedicated battery power architecture shared by E-GMP to its friend-Hyundai Group.The architecture next appeared in That EV6, leave Genesis As the only member of the Korean group trio who has not yet shot. Now that has changed, Genesis reveals GV60 Electric car.

As the number in the Genesis series decreases, the sportiness increases, which means that GV60 aims to GV70 with GV80Many of the brand cues that Genesis created to identify itself are displayed on the front, polished to be used in similar products from car manufacturers. The stretched top grill sucks in a lot of air to cool the electronics inside. On top of this, the four headlights surround the front corners and define the front edge of the clamshell hood, which is another initiative of the brand. The front and center of the Genesis badge are not only nearly 80% thinner than the usual Genesis badge, but also engraved with guilloche patterns commonly found in expensive watches and enamel jewelry.

This silhouette makes Genesis a luxury version of the Kia EV6, especially because it omits the dramatic drop shoulder line, which is the business card of all other Genesis. The designer installed a rear camera for the side mirror, and they projected the image onto a screen set on top of the cabin door. When the driver approaches, the flush outer door handle will automatically pop out.

The overall shape here is as perfect as when wearing the Kia badge.But it took Genesis three years to show us the fascinating concept of electronics, starting with video games. Essentia Grand Tourer 2018, a fascinating metropolis Mint City Car In 2019 and why you haven’t built this X concept in March of this yearThe grid pattern of GV60 is obviously related to Mint; otherwise, production Electronic car It will be difficult to prove its common ancestry with the concept of the anterior fascia tail. It seems that Genesis wants us to eat meat before eating pudding.

Inside, the gear selector has become a rotating crystal ball on top of the floating center console. When GV60 is in a dormant state, Sphere appears to be a transparent piece of jewelry that can eliminate emotional lighting. Turn on the vehicle, and the sphere flips into a deep sector-shaped gear selector knob. The circular and elliptical motifs continue the door handles, side-view mirror adjusters, and the switchgear on the left side of the steering wheel, HVAC controls, and glove box handles. There is a pair of very beautiful pedals in the footwell.

Genesis did not disclose any specifications, so we must learn from Ioniq 5 and EV6 to establish a range.That might mean Battery The capacity ranges from 50 to 77.4 kWh, and the cruising range in the European cycle is about 300 miles.

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