According to statistics, in the US donation management companies that work at Georgetown University, about a quarter of the majority of the shares are held by minority groups and/or women. A report released on Friday.

According to the Diverse Asset Managers Initiative, Georgetown has a $1.66 billion endowment fund and is the second US institution to publish a diversity report on endowment fund managers and the first to voluntarily release it.Published by the University of California System Similar report In July, it complied with California law.

According to the report, by 2022, 69% of the employees of Georgetown University’s companies​​ are white, 17% are Asian, 6% are Hispanic, and 5% are black. Men account for about two-thirds of pension management employees, and women account for one-third.

The company employed by Georgetown University has a total of 2,333 employees.

“We believe that the increased diversity of the investment management industry and all industries is a positive, long-overdue evolution for our society,” Georgetown wrote in its report. “We recognize that we have the opportunity to work with more different companies. We will continue to work with investment managers to encourage diversity in their recruitment and recruitment practices.”

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