The industry association of private bus operators surveyed bus companies and found that passengers massively resigned from long-distance transport, for regional communication. As many as 45 percent of carriers complain about a significant drop in turnover by as much as 60 percent.

According to the association, now it is necessary to draw conclusions and think about how it should function in the future public transport in Germany.

Christiane Leonard, head of the association of private carriers, called on the federal government to change its approach to transport policy in Germany. – The purpose of a cheap public transport ticket financed by public taxes must not be that already environmentally friendly means of transport pick up each other’s passengers. Rather, the common goal must be limitation individual car transport – she said.

Meanwhile, the German government has no idea yet to continue the campaign with cheap tickets. From September, passengers will have to pay more for regional transport again, despite the fact that for several weeks there have been numerous calls from local politicians and experts to cheap ticket has returned permanently.

The federal authorities in Berlin are silent on this matter. Only local governments are considering lowering ticket prices for public transport.

Concrete decisions have already been made by the university authorities of Heidelberg. There, young people under the age of 21 will pay three euros for a monthly ticket. Seniors will pay 200 euros less for the annual communication subscription from September. Also in North Rhine-Westphalia, individual cities will be introduced for the next two months promotional prices of season ticketsto encourage people to use public transport in a region that breaks records in rush hour traffic congestion.

However, local government officials believe that without the support of the federal government it will be impossible to introduce a cheap ticket permanently in the regions. They are already struggling with the problem high energy and fuel prices and theoretically, they should also decide to increase ticket prices today.