The Christian Democrats from the CDU / CSU have the greatest support, and when it comes to government members – the vice-chancellor and the minister of economy are rated the best. Robert Habeck (Greens).

“The poll shows that Olaf Scholz he is unable to convince the majority of Germans with his work as chancellor, “Welt adds.

In a survey prepared by the Insa opinion research institute for “Bild am Sonntag”, as many as 62 percent. of the respondents assessed that they were dissatisfied with the work of Chancellor Scholz. Only 25 percent. assessed it positively. “This is the chancellor’s worst result since the beginning of his term“- emphasizes the newspaper.

The coalition government received similarly poor ratings: 65 percent. negatively assessed his work, only 27 percent said they were satisfied. This assessment concerned the general assessment of the work of the chancellor and the government, and not specific issues, “Welt points out.

In a similar poll conducted in early March, 46 percent were satisfied with the work of Chancellor Scholz. respondents, and 39 percent. assessed negatively. Then also 44 percent. said that the Scholz government was working well, against 43 percent.

If there were direct elections for the chancellor now, Olaf Scholz would only come in third (18% of the vote). Most of the respondents (25%) consider it the most suitable for the position of chancellor Robert Habeck (Greens). Opposition leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) would get 19 percent. votes.

When it comes to political parties, they would get the most votes Christian Democrats from the CDU / CSU (28%)they would be behind them Greens (21 percent) and SPD (19%). The FDP, which is now part of the government, would win 8 percent, the far-right AfD – 12 percent, and the Left – 5 percent.