I always like to share excellent non-fiction books that will attract children’s attention and maintain their attention-while letting them practice reading Information text. It is very important to mix it up, not just to read novels.

Here are all kinds of new books to tell you!

New non-fiction books, 2022

See what i found in the woods
By Moira Butterfield, painted by Jesus Verona
I like this picture book, which contains interactive questions for readers to find and informative texts about the woods. The fascinating writing coupled with excellent illustrations and design make this book a must-have.Learn about plants, trees, bark, leaves, nuts, pine cones and error. The last page reminds the children to collect only what they find on the ground.

Mars is… steep slopes, silver snow and amazing surprises
Susanna Slade
space / Mentor text organization, non-fiction, sensory images
Use this unique book as a guide text for the structure of non-fiction texts, and use sensory images to write illustrative non-fiction. Not only is the text beautiful, but the EPIC close-up photos will also immediately catch your attention.

Welcome to Colorado
, Illustrated by Asa Gillan
When you study Colorado, please use this picture book in the classroom. This is a good overview of the basics—state animals, state birds, state flowers, etc. Cute illustrations!

Cars, signs and porcupines!
By Ethanron
geography / transport
As the county mount police tried to catch the naughty porcupine, they traveled along Happy County. Each page brings new adventures and information about maps, geography, counting, transportation and surveying. Interesting and fun.

Clarinet and Trumpet
By Melanie Ellsworth, painted by John Herzog
Cooperation / Musical Instruments
This is a lovely and interesting story about friendship and… musical instruments! The trumpet and the clarinet are good friends and can make harmonious music together. Until Opel arrives. Now, the trumpet feels left out, so he and the trombone are very loud, and the woodwind is very annoyed. Soon, both parties (brass and woodwinds) collected more instruments for them. When Saxophone arrived, both sides thought they would sound better together. When reading, be sure to shake the book so as not to hear the percussion!

Strange Nature: Levon Biss’s Insect Portrait
Photo by Gregory Mone, Photo by Levon Biss
Beautiful photos with cool information insect Like tiger beetles, praying mantis, and orchid cuckoo, it is accompanied by children-friendly information writing and a perfect amount of text to keep readers learning and participating. Read where each insect lives, their size, and the most important information about insects.You will like this Error book Because the photos and text are great.

Are you smarter than a shark?
David George Gordon, by Josh Lynch
Cartoon illustrations and funny interactions in speech bubbles provide a sense of humor in this excellent book about powerful sharks. You will learn about the basics of anatomy, what makes sharks so smart, what they eat, about shark teeth, etc.I like this book and predict that it will become the new favorite of elementary readers who like this book shark Or are learning Marine life.

About Mermaid
By Izquin
This book explains Mermaid Is real and closely related to us.Then introduced its characteristics in detail Mermaid And their lifestyle. Exquisite jewel-toned illustrations and interesting information will attract readers.

I am sure of the basis of inspiration for my black kids
By Nyasha Williams, illustration by Sof’ya Glushko
Confirmation of black boys and girls
Positive affirmation Remind readers of who they can be and who they are. “C stands for challenge. Today I am ready! I breathe in happiness and release my worries. I face my fears and will overcome them. Today, I will take action.The charming illustrations show the enthusiasm of black families and children.

Strange but true! Ocean 300 Fin-Tastic Facts from the Deep Blue Sea
Author: National Geographic Children
I like these books because they are beautiful and interesting, and they use a lot of short and easy-to-understand facts to attract readers! Each page contains 2-4 facts and accompanying illustrations or full-color photos. I like strange but true books. Another advantage is that you can read them in any order from any point in the book! In this book, learn about weird and interesting facts, such as how manatees call, how a group of stingrays are called fevers, the deeper the Pacific warty octopus lives in the ocean, the more warlike they are, and the main white beaches of Hawaii Poop by the parrot fish. Cool, right?

Go wild!Sea turtle
Jill Esbaum for National Geographic Children’s Magazine
Use this brand new Go Wild! The series works with your early beginner readers to learn how to read non-fiction texts for information. Full-color photos, labels and captions, as well as colorful and readable text.

Go wild!panda
Margie Markiarian
For young readers from 6 to 9 years old, this book is a wonderful way to learn about pandas through simpler text and plenty of photo support and explanations.

A brief history of underwear
Christine Van Zandt, illustrated by Harry Briggs
This is true-even ancient people wear underwear! Whether it is an Inuit wearing reindeer leather underwear, an Egyptian loincloth, or a quilted padded underwear of a European knight, children will read about the history of underwear, inventions such as the sewing machine that changed the underwear world, and many interesting facts about underwear ! Well written with humor (including puns) and facts plus comic illustrations, this small non-fiction book for young readers is delightful! (This is a joke at the back of the book… A: Why do pirates wear underwear? A: To hide his spoils.)

Children’s first big book Rocks, Minerals and Shells
Moira Rose Donohue
I like and highly recommend this huge book, it explores Rocks and minerals Comes with color photos, fact boxes, interactive questions, and easy-to-understand text for beginner readers in grades 1 to 4. You will learn about specific rocks, minerals and shells, such as basalt, quartz and shells, and beautiful related photos through carefully compiled important information. This book is a must-have for schools and libraries, and a great addition to your home library.

Great horse book
Illustrations by Tom Jackson and Diana Ferguson, Simon Mendez and Val Walerczuk
Each two-page spread has a horse breed with gorgeous large illustrations, interesting facts, and a fact file with basic horse information, height and color inserted. There are many cool varieties, such as Percherons, Lippizaners, Mustangs and Akhal-Tekes. A must-have for horse lovers.

A magnificent book of birds
Tom Jackson, illustration by Walerczuk
Beautiful illustrations showing different varieties birds On the brown page, add fact files about where the birds live, habitat, length, wingspan, weight, lifespan, diet, and other interesting facts. Learn about American white pelicans, California condors, Victoria crowned pigeons, great hornbills and other birds. Gorgeous and informative!

So do you want to be a knight?
Author: Kiyo Akiyama and Hannah Pang
how is it / Knight
The three kids and you learn how to be a knight from Geoffroi de Charny. He provides them with useful tips about what they need, the order in which they join, famous knights, armor, horses, battles, and more. With plenty of cartoon illustrations and easy-to-read narratives, this is a fascinating and often dumb historical manual.

Football Atlas: A journey across the world and on the football field
Author: James Buckley Jr., illustrated by Eduard Altarriba
This encyclopedia will teach the reader all about Football/soccer Starting from the basic knowledge of the field, to FIFA and the World Cup, to football around the world, the superstars of this sport, and so on. Comes with some photos and a cool layout that will attract readers.

Encyclopedia of Unbelievable Facts
Jane Wilsher, illustrated by Louise Lockett
General non-fiction
Children who like facts will want a lot of questions and answers on 10 topics such as the human body, animals, space, history, and jargon. Full of bright illustrations.

Unconventional vehicles
By Michael Hirst, painted by Hans Jensen
If you like vehicles and want to learn about the kind of weird but very cool vehicle inventions you have never heard of-this will be a book for you to read. Features airplanes, cars, ships, trains, etc.-these are all crazy devices! If you are interested in private helicopters, you may want to read about HA-1 Aerocycle. Or, if you lived in the late 1800s, you would like Monowheel-driving alone in the wheel. Full of illustrations, facts and many cool inventions!

New non-fiction books in 2022

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