Just like a new mother is still so excited about her one-year-old baby that she can’t stop showing ultrasound pictures, General Motors Very excited about its eldest newborn, Battery electric GMC Hummer, It can’t stop showing off developing design sketches.Off-road monster with 200 kWh Ultium Battery pack debuted online on October 21 last year.The next day, the General Motors Design an Instagram page and publish some Hummer’s early “theme sketches” Lead to a production version. These have a conceptual talent for them, but they are quite restrained. A month later, GM unveiled a series Show more wild development renderings truck Full of more angles than geometry textbooks.The archive is open again A new “concept sketch”, This is the first credible sketch and the sketch between the second truck that the Chief Sergeant and Doomguy shared on the rest day.

All three sets of drawings show similar three-frame ratios, and it is the details that have been loved by many people. In this latest sketch, the fenders are more prominent than those on the production truck, but the wheel wells are cut with the same clearance as on the Baja 1000 Trophy truck.Come back and keep drag Hook, the back end is completely different from production.Sketch light up Hummer The script passes through the narrow tailgate, flanked by small squares, and the taillights contain six independent elements. Below this, the bumperless rear end is nothing more than a tilted impact head placed between the truck and the rock that has just climbed. In our opinion, this is the best fusion of production-ready comfort for the first sketch and the second sketch we have seen so far.

First delivery of GMC Hummer EV version 1 It is expected before the end of the year. When we have the opportunity to absorb the truck in its native habitat, we will know whether there is reason to be disappointed in what may happen. If so, due to all the rich people’s desire for something different, we feel that the re-customized Hummer has got the perfect start and can make things right.

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