General Motors Is expanding its recall activities Chevrolet Bolt EV Include examples of all cars sold globally since the launch in 2017 to the 2022 model to address Battery It has been blamed on multiple vehicle fires.

The Associated Press reported that the recall announced on Friday will add approximately 73,000 bolts during the 2019-2022 model year, compared with 69,000 of the 69,000 old bolts previously recalled. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration However, the announcement stated that the recall affected another 59,392 2019-2022 models that were not previously covered. recall. Automatic blog A GM spokesperson confirmed that the event now includes all Electric car——And new Bolt EUV Model-Sold throughout the operation of Bolt.

General Motors said on Friday that the recall will cost an additional $1 Billion, and is seeking at least partial compensation from battery supplier LG Chem.

Some car owners’ cars have been recalled twice for the same potential battery fire problem, and customers are still urged to carefully monitor the charging status of the car and Park them outside if possible. Specifically, GM recommends that owners:

  • Use Hilltop Reserve mode (2017 and 2018 model years) or target charge level mode (2019-2022 model years) to set their vehicles to the 90% state-of-charge limit.
    • If car owners cannot set their vehicle to 90% charge limit mode, or if they feel uncomfortable with the change, GM will ask the car owner to immediately visit the local dealership to make the change.
  • Use the bolt to charge the battery after each use. Don’t wait until the battery is almost used up (deep discharge mode) before recharging.

In April, General Motors announced that it had developed diagnostic software to find abnormalities found in a recall caused by multiple battery fire reports in November. The two inhaled heavy smoke and a house caught fire.

GM and LG Chem jointly determined that the battery that caught fire was nearly fully charged.As a temporary repair, the owner and Dealer Was told to make a software change to limit charging to 90% of battery capacity. General Motors traced the fire back to what it said at the time was a rare manufacturing defect in the battery module that could short-circuit the battery and cause a fire.

The recall occurred after the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration An investigation into the fire began last year. The agency said in a document that when the car was left unattended, a fire broke out under the rear seat.

Engineers initially determined that only Bolts with battery packs produced at the LG Chem plant in Ochang, South Korea from May 2016 to May 2019 are at risk of fire, but the recent expansion will include batteries with LG Chem battery packs located in the Netherlands, Michigan. Model, facility. Previously, these were not considered high-risk.

Ongoing recall Chevrolet Bolt has hit GM’s profit prospects 800 million US dollarsThe company said when it announced its second-quarter financial results. Due to the continuous company-wide recalls, GM’s total losses in the quarter were estimated at $1.3 billion, which means that Bolt activities alone accounted for more than 60% of GM’s current recall-related costs.

Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra Noticed the company’s New Ultium battery architecture Not affected by Bolt related issues.


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