One of the most revered drinks in Goa is Feni, one of the most popular drinks in Goa besides beer, and Goa has just established a museum dedicated to this famous drink.

The museum now houses hundreds of Feni-related artifacts, as well as a collection of traditional glass vats in which the wine was stored centuries ago.

It is reported that Mr Kuchardkar founded the museum to tell the story of Feeney and preserve Goa’s rich heritage. He said the museum would allow people to understand Fini’s history and his historical footprint from Brazil to Goa.

Also, speaking about this, MP Vinay Tendulkar said that this museum will help promote local manufacturers and enhance their businesses.

fanIt is a beverage commonly and socially consumed by locals in Goa, and the Goa government notified the National Heritage Beverage in 2016 to allow its makers to market the beverage globally.

According to history, the cashew plant is believed to have been imported to Goa from Brazil by the Portuguese in the early 1700s.According to records, both Brazil and Goa had Portuguese colonial influence, after the cashew plant was brought to the coast of Goa, the cashew found its roots in Goa, so fan.

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