Gulden is a Dutch cryptocurrency with a focus on payment transactions. The intention is that the digital guilder will be used in a similar way to its predecessor, the guilder before the euro. Every store should pay with it and it should be the most natural thing in the world.

Important features of Gulden are the focus on climate-friendly innovation, the improved PoW² and the witness system through which investors can receive interest. This, together with the origin in the Netherlands, makes us take a closer look at Gulden.

In this article we discuss the techniques that Gulden uses and discuss the NLG rate and coin data. With this we give you information to outline a clear Gulden expectation for the future. What is the potential of the Gulden crypto?

What is Gulden?

The Dutch Gulden, founded by Rijk Plasman, was created to get a better digital payment system than we have now. With Gulden, everyone in the Netherlands and beyond will soon be able to pay with the NLG coin and receive interest on the wallet.

A number of important features of the project are PoW², the witness system and the community that have united behind the project over the years. If you search for the project on Twitter, for example, you will find many people who are actively working on it.

What is Gulden’s PoW²?

With Proof of Work, it is the miners who do the calculations and validate transactions. At Gulden this is exactly the same with one exception. Gulden also has a witness in the process. As soon as a block is found by a miner, it is added to the network with a pre-witness status.

This block then passes to an eligible witness who then adds data such as a timestamp to the block. As soon as the witness ‘signs’ with the private key, it is added to the network again and is placed on the blockchain.

A witness can only be eligible to participate in this process if it owns Gulden coin and has it in an active wallet. This was devised to give the participants on the network an incentive to act fairly. Because everyone is invested in the project and the NLG crypto, the network becomes as efficient as possible.

With a relatively small cryptocurrency, it is theoretically easy to perform a 51% attack. This means that someone has 51% of all mining power involved and thus effectively manages the blockchain. At Gulden, a Witness still has to be found for every transaction and this makes such an attack considerably more difficult to carry out despite the relatively low hash rate.

Owners of the Gulden crypto have the choice to participate in the network as a witness. For this, investors have to place their NLG coin in a special witness wallet and lock it for a period. The longer you lock in your Gulden, the higher the reward is in principle. Please note that in the meantime you cannot pay out your Gulden coin, even if the price shoots up.

You can become a witness of Gulden from 5000 NLG. The minimum period for which you have to commit your Gulden coin is one month. On average, this gives you approximately between 2.58% and 5.99% return per year. If we compare this with our current bank account, this is considerably more.

Each block provides 90 new NLG tokens on the network. NLG 10 of this goes to the miners, NLG 15 to the witness and NLG 65 is for the development of the project.

What does the Golden course do?

If we look at the Gulden rate on coinmarketcap, we see that the first quotation is on April 12, 2014. So the project has been around for a relatively long time. At the time, investors could buy one NLG for $0.00089. We can clearly see that the price shoots up considerably during a bull market and then falls again. The current Gulden rate is $ 0.002155.

The Gulden All Time High is worth $ 0.523415 (January 12, 2018). It has been 1,687 days since this rate was reached. At the moment the project has a market cap of $ 1,214,078 placing it in 1881 place of largest cryptocurrency projects.

It is good to monitor this data over a long period of time in order to discover trends. There can sometimes be a lot of hype, but this is not always the best measure of possible success. It is better to look at what the project has done in quiet times to determine the potential.

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What is the Golden Expectation 2022 – 2027

In the Netherlands everyone knows the name ‘Gulden’ and most people still associate it with the predecessor of the euro. In the digital age, many new cryptocurrencies are emerging that no one has ever heard of. The fact that everyone already knows the name Gulden could therefore certainly be an advantage for the guildercoin rate.

When the use of the digital Gulden (NLG) increases in the future, people will recognize this and even get ‘warm’ feelings. This previously published research on Gulden as a means of payment also shows that it evokes nostalgic feelings in people.

The same research also shows that few people still use Gulden as a means of payment. This while the advantages are very clear for both the user and the entrepreneur. As far as the digital Gulden rate is concerned, this could work out positively for the project in the future when more people will use Gulden as a means of payment.

In general, the Gulden price expectation is therefore positive. This is only completely dependent on the level of adoption, as with most projects. Gulden does have a number of clear advantages compared to non-Dutch projects.

The name is already known, Dutch entrepreneurs are therefore more inclined to accept it as a means of payment and with the help of the witness program you can even earn interest with it. Higher than that at the banks. The course Gulden takes therefore determines the future value of the project.

The Gulden forecast for 2022 is difficult to predict. In this short term, the latest Gulden news and the trend in the cryptocurrency market are important. As for the Gulden crypto forecast for 2027, something else could happen.

As I mentioned, Gulden has an active community that is working to put the project on the map. Having a (good) product is one thing, but with enough followers and (online) attention it can go fast as soon as Gulden is arrested.

For example, a Gulden truck is going through the Netherlands to get publicity and an attempt is made to get the NLG coin on the best-known exchanges. With this kind of attention, an increase in the future cannot be ruled out. We have also seen a large increase in the past. In the bull market of 2017-2018, the Gulden price rose by 541% within a month.

As with any other project, there are pros and cons. The opponents have different arguments why the project would not succeed and will even go to 0. For example, Bitcoin or even another cryptocurrency is expected to be used as a payment method. Also, some people do not see the point of the nostalgic name Gulden and prefer to use iDeal or PayPal at the moment.

The proponents are a lot more positive. This party expects that cryptocurrency is the future and that therefore all payments will eventually go via the blockchain. Due to the name Gulden and the good payment system they can facilitate, they expect Gulden to take (a large) piece of this pie. This of course ensures that the Gulden rate will increase in the future and several Gulden predictions have been made for this.

Historical Price for Gulden

Date Open Close High Low Volume

What does the NLG coin do?

Payments on the network, for example in a store or via an exchange, are made with the Gulden coin (NLG). It is the reward that miners and the witness get. With the NLG coin you can also receive interest by making it available to the network (fixing it).

Do you trust Gulden? Then you buy the NLG crypto. It is therefore good to also pay attention to the coin data when you choose Gulden. Scarcity is always an interesting measure of potential success. You can check this by comparing the current supply (563,638,191 NLG) with the maximum supply (750,000,000 NLG).

On the internet you can find many predictions, some even crazier than others. It is much wiser to do your own research into Gulden and the coin data. Never be influenced by the hype messages and only invest money if you support your choice. 9 out of 10 hype messages don’t have the best for you, but only try to boost the value.

In the past 24 hours, the exchange rate difference of Gulden -9.04%. In the last seven days this was -23.14%. These percentages indicate the trend in the short term. The trading volume in the last 24 hours was $ 25. If you keep an eye on this, you can be the first to benefit from major changes.

Huidige supply 563,638,191 NLG Maximale supply 750,000,000 NLG
% difference 24h -9.04% % difference 7D -23.14%

Where to buy Gulden?

Whether the Gulden rate will actually increase that much remains to be seen. It remains to be seen what course Gulden will take with the project and how people will respond to this. If it succeeds as a payment method, it can also grow rapidly in value.

It is therefore certainly worth considering including in your portfolio. Gulden can be bought in the Netherlands through Bittrex, among others. After you have created an account there, you can easily deposit euros via Bitvavo.

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The latest Golden news

The last important factor in any investigation into the potential of a crypto project like Gulden is the latest news. What are the most recent developments, which collaborations have been entered into and what is happening?

You can find this kind of Gulden news on the official Gulden twitter page. Do you see the latest developments happening first and do you combine this with the other project and coin data? Then you can be the first to respond to the news and therefore also be the first to benefit from it.