Gordon Ramsay stood on the edge of the helicopter in a wetsuit. Below was the azure waters of the Cornish coast, and on the beach in front of him, 12 disciples waited with bated breath. They were nervous; they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Ramsay approached the edge of the helicopter and plunged in. A brief panic. He came out of the water, shaking his hair like James Bond. He approached the beach, stood in front of the contestants, and asked them to take a leap of faith with him.

No: this is not a biblical fanatical dream.This is Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Starthe worst TV show of the scolding chef’s career.

that’s why.

Gordon Ramsay is just a prop, but he’s also everywhere

review Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, former Eater editor Greg Morabito concluded that the problem with the Gordon Ramsay show was exactly Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately, Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Star it’s the same.

It seems like a strange conclusion when Ramsay is apparently the vehicle for the show – it’s his £150,000 to invest in any food and drink entrepreneur through his crazy mix of challenges. But he’s really everywhere: he’s jumping into water from a helicopter; he’s making contestants jump into water from a cliff; he’s eating toast; he’s mad at toast; he’s talking to people at the local street food shop; He and the last four were sitting in the interrogation room.

Compare, say apprentice. Alan Sugar is the boss, but he doesn’t juggle every element of every challenge, sending and then deleting racist tweets and commenting on every move. He announced the mission, left for 40 minutes, and then emptied the conference room of whimpering contestants. Ramsay is here, doing everything at the same time and doing very little actually, frenzied enough to become a very loud foreground noise. It also makes for a scene where he’s allowed to experiment with fun and even show some personality – including asking someone if they have a hat on their hair because it’s long and blue, lol! – Feeling uncomfortable compulsion.

The show itself is a poor fusion dish

Speaking of apprenticeThis show is almost apprentice. It is also, at different moments, kitchen nightmare, F wordand Dare to win SAS. The sheer strength of Ramsay’s personality and the strangely choppy way of making, everything, the sound, if he’d been allowed to be something very high-energy, he might have almost been able to bring that together, but in fact, it’s not gone.

This puts the entrants accountable. They made a fair punch to it, with some strong confessional anger (Asher, on Vincenzo’s over-the-top rant about some monkfish: “To be honest, it’s all nonsense”) and Valentina and Victoria Some pretty intense friction on some mushrooms in between. But in fact, there was little they could do about a show that went from jumping off a cliff for no reason to cooking for the public on the beach, with some documentary-style footage inserted. Previewing the pre-cooking fillet festival next week, so it doesn’t look like things are getting any less chaotic.

Why do executives have to get audiences to accept this hodgepodge of Gordon?

Ramsay’s arrival as host of Rebirth TV is a little confusing. For most of his television career, he played two roles: either as Chef Gordon Ramsay, or as Gordon Ramsay, a cartoon of Chef Gordon Ramsay.The former relies on his expertise in judging australian chefor swear by an idiot restaurateur kitchen nightmare; when judging, the latter relies on a weary understanding of the chef as an agro-rockstar australian chefor swear by an idiot restaurateur kitchen nightmare.

There was an enlightening little moment when contestant Matthew offered Ramsay some salt and pepper wings to try, and the chef spat them out. Ramsay audiences have seen it all before: nervous cooks, dramatic pauses, spitting in disgust. But this time, Matthew already knew it was bad: He just told Ramsay that it was too salty. Given the situation, spitting feels forced, even fake — like he’s obligated to do it, because that’s exactly what Gordon Ramsay does.

This moment establishes the fact that, in this show, recently in Uncharted territory and Gordon Ramsay’s bank balance, Ramsay is something else: a regular presenter. He’s still there because he’s famous and people recognize him accordingly, but he’s not really Gordon Ramsay most of the time.like the poet alfred tennyson Ulysses, he “became a name” — an alternate symbol of restaurant fame, no longer a fully realized person or character for influence to pass from show to show. If he doesn’t take himself so seriously when he’s doing it, it’s enough to feel sorry for him. Instead, it will only produce an hour of disappointing TV. Roll out next week.