This”Great tour” Video game franchises are making live-action movies for the big screen. However, instead of gathering various racing cars for a big showdown in the shadow of Trial Hill, new details reveal a more meta-plotline.

according to deadline, as follows: Based on a true story, it is a story of a teenager’s ultimate wish fulfillment. “Great tour” His gaming skills have won a series of Nissan races and become a true professional racing driver.

It looks like the movie will be about playing”Great tour” game instead of concocting a plot from the game world, like Sony’s PlayStation Productions title “unknown” finished. Back in 2013, another attempt”Great tour” The movie has a story based on the rise of Lucas Ordonez.

Ordóñez was the first recipient of the inaugural GT Academy, where “Great tour” Players compete for seats in real racing teams. After winning the GT Academy in 2008, Ordóñez joined the Nissan team that finished ninth at the 2009 Dubai 24 Hours. He also raced the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times, finishing second in his class.

This deadline The story also notes that Neil Blomkamp has been directing. Blomkamp is best known for his science fiction “District 9, “Elysium” and”guy.” The latter two feature the Nissan GT-R. Blomkamp is a well-known car enthusiast, and Motor Trend A 2015 interview revealed that he owns three GT-Rs, a Subaru WRX, Lexus LFA, Acura NSX, Hummer H1, Corvette ZR1 and BMW M3.

This is actually a “Great tour” The garage itself, which foreshadowed the film’s adaptation. It is scheduled to be released in August 2023.