On Saturday, wildfires burned for the fifth day in Greece. The flames swept through a residential town on the outskirts of Athens overnight. Hundreds of people were evacuated by ferry from the island of Evia in the east of the capital.

Since Thursday night, the fire on Mount Parnitha on the outskirts of Athens has forced thousands of people to evacuate, and emergency rescuers have faced strong winds and high temperatures as they tried to control its spread.

In Greece’s worst heat wave in more than 30 years, wildfires broke out in many parts of the country, burning tens of thousands of acres of woodland, destroying houses and businesses, and killing animals.

Temperatures throughout Greece exceeded 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the week.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Kyriakos Mitsotakis) delivered a speech after visiting the main fire center in Athens on Saturday, calling it a “nightmarish summer” and adding that the government’s first task is “to protect human lives first.” “.

He said the government plans to compensate people affected by the fire and will designate burned land as areas for reforestation.

More than 700 firefighters, including reinforcements from Cyprus, France and Israel, have been deployed to northern Athens to extinguish the fire, assisted by the army and water bombers.

Overnight, strong winds pushed the fire into the town of Thrakomakedones, where it burned down houses. Residents have been ordered to evacuate, and no casualties have been reported.

“[It’s] It’s really bad,” said Thanasis Kaloudis, a resident of the town. “The whole of Greece was burnt down. “

More evacuations

The fire on Evia, the second largest island in Greece, spread from one end of Euboea Bay to the other, facing the Aegean Sea.

Hundreds of people, including many elderly residents, were evacuated by ferry from the town of Linney in Evia late Friday, as the flames reached the shore and the sky turned apocalyptic red.

The Greek authorities have fought more than 400 wildfires in the past 24 hours. The largest line of fire is still burning in northern Athens, Evia and the Peloponnese, including Mani, Messinia, and Ancient Olympia. The site of the first Olympic Games.

A firefighter tries to extinguish the flames of a burning house in the Waribobi district of northern Athens, Greece [Michael Varaklas/AP Photo]

Authorities said a man died on Friday after being injured by an electrical tower in a fire-affected area near Athens, and at least nine others were injured.

Residents in the suburbs north of Athens were forced to leave in a hurry, with very few items with them.

“Our business, our home, all our properties are there. I hope they won’t be burned,” 26-year-old Yorgos Papaioannou said on Friday as he and his girlfriend were sitting in the parking lot because the ashes were filled with smoke. The sky fell around them.

When the police ordered him and his girlfriend to leave, he had already left the town of Polydendri.

In neighboring Turkey, the authorities are fighting the worst wildfire in the country’s history.

The flames engulfing its southwestern coast forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate.

In Italy, hot winds fanned the flames on Sicily this week. On Friday, two people died of smoke inhalation in the town of San Lorenzo in Calabria.

According to the Italian Gendarmerie Gendarmerie, a woman and her male nephew are trying to extinguish the flames in their olive groves.

A total of 57 fires hit Calabria yesterday. Eleven of them are close to small towns, including San Lorenzo.


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