David Cameron has a salary of more than $1 million. Dramatic collapse It exposed the extensive lobbying efforts of the former prime minister.

Two people familiar with the matter said that Cameron’s part-time consultant role received a generous annual salary, which included an increasingly desperate attempt to obtain government funding for the troubled company. A spokesperson for Cameron declined to comment.

Cameron works as an advisor to the board of directors for 25 days a year, which means that his daily income is equivalent to more than $40,000.

The British “Financial Times” disclosed for the first time that his efforts to obtain emergency coronavirus loans backed by the state made the former Conservative Party leader board the biggest Westminster Lobbying scandal a generation.

Don Cameron Being dragged away in front of the councillors While investigating the Greensail scandal in May, he said he got ” Generous annual amount ——Much more than I earn [£150,000] As Prime Minister.” However, he refused to disclose the exact number, calling it a “private matter”.

As the 2020 coronavirus pandemic swept the UK, Cameron lobbied several ministers and senior civil servants on 56 different occasions to try to ensure that Greenseal received two emergency loan programs run by the government.

The former prime minister told members of the Special Committee of the Ministry of Finance that this constant lobbying is not for personal gain, but because he believes that the company “has a very good idea on how to help provide credit to thousands of companies.”

When Greensill finally obtained the right to use the Coronavirus loan program for large corporations, it only used the full subsidy of its 400 million pounds of taxpayer-backed loan Companies related to Sanjeev Gupta ——The metal tycoon of today’s business empire Under investigation From the Office of Serious Fraud.

According to people familiar with the company’s salary scale, Cameron’s salary makes him one of Greensill’s highest paid individuals. In contrast, the US bankruptcy filing shows that the head of Greensail’s US branch—a professional banker with 25 years of experience—has an annual income of slightly more than $400,000.

Cameron is not the only high-paid former politician on Greensail’s payroll. According to two people familiar with the matter, the financial company also hired Julie Bishop, the former Australian Foreign Minister, as a consultant, with an annual salary equivalent to more than $600,000. Bishop did not respond to a request for comment.

In January 2020, Bishop accompanied Cameron and the company’s Australian founder Lex Greensill to the World Economic Forum in Davos, where they Proposed a flexible salary plan Matthias Coleman, Australia’s then Finance Minister. However, Australian officials rejected the plan, saying it was “economically similar to a payday loan.”

Cameron’s work for Greenhill is very extensive. The former prime minister joined the financial company in mid-2018 and accompanied its Australian founder to meet with business people and politicians large and small around the world, who often took the company’s private jet.

This includes staying with Lex Greensill Saudi Arabia Desert Camping Trip -The two tried to attract the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of the Gulf Kingdom-Meeting with the underwriters Humble Australian insurance company, Was later dismissed for allegedly violating Greensill Capital’s risk limits.

Cameron also recommended Greenseal’s service toSenior Officials of the German Government In November 2020, the investigation into its German banking sector was speeding up.Current bank management Criminal investigation in Germany.

Cameron stood up and made one Bigger windfall The stock options he received when he joined Greenhill were said to be worth tens of millions of pounds at the time, but they are now worthless.

Cameron described the valuation as “ridiculous” but declined to say how much he would get if Greensail succeeded in listing.

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