As part of an overhaul of its lineup, Harley-Davidson Officially canceled its new 121-horsepower Sportster S model, surpassing the performance bike series with twice the output of the Iron 1200 model.

Halle already Teasing the new Sportster S For some time now, touting its performance and hinting that it will make the bike it replaces obsolete. Power comes from Harley-Davidson’s new 1,250cc water-cooled V-twin, called Revolution Max 1250T. It produced 121 horses and 94 pound-feet on the Sportster S (as opposed to the 150 horsepower it produced in Harley) Pan Am 1250 Adventure travel bicycle).Although the horsepower of the Iron 1200 has almost doubled, its Fuel economy be expected to 1 mpg is better (49 vs. 48).

“Sportster S is the next brand new motorcycle Harley-Davidson Chairman, President and CEO Jochen Zeitz said that it is built on the Revolution Max platform and sets a new performance standard for the Sportster series. “This is a next-generation Sportster defined by power, performance, technology and style. This is part of our commitment to launch a motorcycle that fits our strategy to increase popularity and advance Harley-Davidson’s legacy.”

“Every visual design element of the Sportster S model is an expression of the original power of the motorcycle,” said Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Design Director. “This is a wolf in wolf’s skin.”

Sportster S is more than just a new engine. Its power system is a structural component of the chassis, which means that it does not have a traditional frame, but a sub-frame component that is directly bolted to the transmission system. HD says this significantly reduces the weight of the bike (62 pounds lighter than the Iron 1200) and helps to better focus the mass for superior control. Its high-position exhaust and front controls enhance its performance goals, but HD will provide a repositioning kit for those who want a more relaxed posture.

Sportster S will be available this fall, starting at $14,999.


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